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I'd be lost without NURSING.com. The app and website have been instrumental in my success in my RN program. I've raised my grade by a 12% average. This massive increase has made me a more competent and confident nursing student.


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"Thank you so much for yanking me out of the quick sand and making me successful. I wish I had started this day 1 of nursing school."

Gina, 2019 Nursing School Graduate

Clear, Concise, Visual Video Courses

Improve your lowest course grade by 11.6%

That is the average improvement NURSING.com students see on their lowest course grade

We've cut the fluff and help you engage with concise visual lessons to help you gain a much deeper understanding of each nursing concept.

Whether you are in a flipped classroom, concept based program, or whatever, NURSING.com is so easy to navigate that you can jump right in and start learning.

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Visual Study Tools​

master content with visual learning tools for every learning style​

35% of NURSING.com students are visual learners and 55% have anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or other learning difference

Each NURSING.com lessons includes quick access to learning tools like nursing cheatsheets, care plans, downloadable notes and more. Make the material stick like glue with over 2,500+ resources.

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NPQ - Nursing Practice Questions®

Unlock better scores with NCLEX® style review questions

That is the average improvement NURSING.com students see on their lowest course grade

Walk out of the NCLEX® feeling like you just took a first grade spelling test.

They say practice makes perfect. You don't become a professional athlete the first time you step on a field and you don't become a pro at NCLEX® prep questions the first time you answer a question.

Our question team of research analysts and NCSBN® trained NCLEX® question writers have spent years developing over 6,500+ practice questions (we call it NPQ or Nursing Practice Questions) covering the most high yield topics you need to know for the NCLEX®.

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Why do nursing students love NPQ?

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"I've seen my grades shoot through the roof, and the time I spend studying has literally cut in half."

Clyde, 2020 Nursing School Graduate

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1 Year Update


Love this app

Love this app! I got it my last semester of LVN/LPN school. It helped me so much in school because I'm a visual learner so videos are my go to for studying after reading my text book. I also used it to study for the NCLEX exam and I passed it!!


Very informative

Very informative app for pre nursing students, nursing students and post graduates. The information on every topic you have to know is broken down. I also appreciate the section of the app that shows videos to help with clinical part of the nursing program.


Was I asleep

Was I asleep during nursing school? This app is amazing. It breaks everything down in 8-12 minutes sections and has little quizzes after the lesson. I am learning so much more in the 2 weeks I have used this app than in the 2 years I was in nursing school. I honestly feel more prepared to successfully pass the NCLEX and be a great nurse!


Easy on the go

Love it. Easy for on the go! Beats having to take my laptop everywhere. Have had no troubles with the app.


Best app out there

This appears to be the best app out here so far. Medsurg was drowning me. Seven days to my finals for the semester I found this app!! I believe it's been really helpful and I will be back to complete my review when I write my med surge finals. Guys I finally passed Medsurg thanks to this app. The lectures are straight to the point, ease content mastering


Worth every penny

I discovered this app in my last semester of nursing school and wish I had found it sooner. It has been worth every penny! I watch all of the videos that coincide with my lecture material and it has helped me understand each topic proficiently. The NCLEX style questions are good practice and have helped me prepare for exams.

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Our Famous (Semi-Crazy) 200% NCLEX® Pass Guarantee

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ®  we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review Terms of Use for full details).