4 Tips For Studying Nursing at Home During COVID

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I want to give you guys a couple of tips on

selecting the appropriate study environment for you right now.

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With Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD and NURSING.com.

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Podcast Transcription

I want to give you guys a couple tips on selecting the appropriate study environment for you right now, a lot of you are probably studying at home and so study environments changed a bit, but I want to give you a couple, uh, suggestions and tips on how to study, especially as we’re going into this new semester and as your being forced to study online. So one of the most important elements of an effective study session is in fact, the environment in which you study there’s this tool put out by Oregon state university, which allows you to evaluate how you study and where you study. Currently. If you go to success dot Oregon, state.edu, you can find this, this is a tool called the evaluate, your study location. And so if you take this as just a 14 question quiz, just true false, and which allows you to kind of evaluate how you currently study and what your current study environment looks like.
And this might give you some insight that maybe you didn’t see before, but I want to give you four things to consider as you select your study site. And now that you might be studying at setting up a new study site at home, uh, you know, a lot of us thought, you know, this COVID thing would be temporary and, you know, maybe we would be able to be back in school as we moved into the fall semester. But here we are with a lot of you doing still virtual classes and studying at home. So I want to give you four things to consider. As you prepare your study location, the first one would be quiet, make sure you have a quiet study area. Even the slightest noise might distract you from your train of thought. For me, what I like to do is when I go into work, the first thing I do is actually put headphones in and I put instrumental music on that’s non-distracting.
And it helps me to just block out any other noise or tick or clock or outside noise or whatever. So it’s very important to me that I have a very quiet and focused study place when COVID first broke out and we closed our offices. I set up a store replace in my closet in my bedroom. Actually, I pulled my dresser out, put it in the bedroom. Um, and inside my closet, I set up a small little card table with a clean desk. And when it was time for me to study, I would go in that room and I put a lock on it and I locked it and I put on my music. And so it was a place where I could be very quiet away from the kids away from the distractions of the home for when it was time for me to work.
So even at home, you can set something up, maybe it’s a closet. Uh, maybe it’s a bedroom. Maybe it’s even the time that you study. Maybe you have to adjust your schedule to study later at night when kids are in bed or earlier in the morning when kids are also in bed. I can say that my work schedule has changed drastically, uh, due to COVID. Normally I like to be in the office about 7:00 AM and work till about two or three. Now I start work about eight o’clock till 11 o’clock in the afternoon. Um, and then I try to pick up a couple hours in the afternoon and evening. So make sure it’s quiet whenever you’re able to study so that it doesn’t distract you. The second thing I would suggest to you necessities, um, make sure you have access to all the necessities that you need.
Have a little bit of paper, have some pens, have some, uh, some highlighters, have your books all sitting right there so that you can have it all right there. Every time you come to sit down, you might also consider things like food, water, and a bathroom. When I work at home, when I, I like to have coffee right there with me, I have a couple small snacks like sunflower seeds up there and it’s close to a bathroom. And that allows me to keep focused and keep my energy, uh, where it needs to be as I’m studying. I also make sure that I keep those necessities right there. And when it’s, when work time is done, I step away and I leave all those things in that space that allows me to be at home and feel more at home and make some sort of mental divide between home and work while I’m working at home.
And so this is something you can do to find a little space, even if it’s not a big space, it doesn’t matter. Find a little space where you can keep your books, your paper, your notes, and your laptop or tablet if possible. And when work and study time is over, walk away and don’t let that drag throughout your house. That would be a very quick way for school to spill too much into your personal life and begin to overtake it and the stress to overtake it. The third tip would be clean, have a clean study environment. This will allow your brain to stay focused and organized when there’s clutter and distraction. It gets too easy for your mind to start moving little things, cleaning little things. Our goal here is to get you into the zone, get you focused and studying as quickly as you can at the end of each day, just do a quick, tidy up, put pencils back where they go throw garbage away, throw notes away that you’re not going to use again and have it just very, uh, organized the four tip I want to give you is temperature.
Make sure you’re able to control the temperature of where you’re studying habit at a comfortable setting for you. This might be different for you than it is for others. I like to being very cold when I study my wife likes some warmer. So, um, we kind of study in different parts of the house or work in different parts of the house. Um, but if you can have control over the temperature where you study, it’ll stop you from needing to get up, getting a blanket, changing things, turning a fan on, kinda know what it is, um, and, and kind of have that temperature set and controlled. Now the most important thing guys is that you plan ahead for your study sessions. Don’t sit down and spend 40 minutes. What do I need to do today? Oh my God. At the end of each study session plan out the next days or the next time study session, write out your notes ahead of time.
Every single night at the end of work. The first thing I do is look at my calendar for the next day. Look at my tasks for the next day, so that I make sure I, I know kind of what’s coming up that I’m not stressing about, Oh, shoot, I didn’t do that today. Or is that tomorrow? I don’t know when that’s going to be. And you can do the same thing with your studying plan ahead. Your next day study sessions look ahead of what’s on your schedule. So, you know, what’s coming if possible, do a tiny bit of work on that. So it’s started. So you’re not waking up at three in the morning, stressing about it.
You guys it’s possible to study
At home. It’s not ideal. It’s not optimal. In fact, it’s somewhat difficult and annoying, but it can be done. And so I would suggest these four study tips of a quiet space, having your necessities, keeping it clean and having control over the temperature. These things will help. And now when time is short, the last thing I’d recommend to you is to use nursing.com. Use the academies on nursing.com to help you condense the time that you need to study. Instead of reading a chapter, highlighting everything, looking at the PowerPoint from your teacher, going to all these different resources and tools. You can have it. All right here, watch an eight minute video on myocardial infarction. Look at some of the cheat sheets and resources. Take the questions there, and you will have what you need to find success on your exams, guys, thousands and thousands of students have found success, passed the NCLEX, pass nursing school, gone on and been incredibly successful as a nurse through nursing.com. And you can be one of those. Start with these four tips, use the academies and you will find success. We love you guys now go out and be your best self today. Happy nursing.

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