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happy nursing


Wanted to give you a quick into to a new side website to help keep your motivation up right now.  It’s

NGN nclex changes

Next Generation NCLEX (What changes are coming to the NEW NCLEX?)

What is Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)? Quick NGN Facts WHAT: 5 new question NCLEX question formats WHEN: 2022-2023 WHY: better measure new grad nurse clinical judgement Essentially, the NCSBN or the National Council State Boards of Nursing (who administers the

disorganized nursing school

5 Tips for Dealing with a Disorganized Nursing Program

I was recently asked: How to address the disorganization of a program. Conflicting due dates and disorganized instructors seem to make everything harder than it has to be. You know, when I graduated nursing school, I thought mine was the

girl on balance beam nursing school

Finding Balance in Nursing School

Did you know that nearly 30% of nursing students never graduate?  Trying to balance family, school, job . . . it’s almost unbearable. Honestly how to balance family (being a parent to young kiddos) and school. It’s really hard only

pass nursing school

How to Improve Your Grades in Nursing School

All nursing students struggle with their grades at some point . . . you’re not alone . . . but after talking with thousands of nursing students, I’ve found that can help you pass.

Scrubcheats Special

For the next few days, we are running a special on the Scrubcheats.  Just head over to to grab a set.

2019 Year In Review

I said that 2018 was an incredibly busy year . . . if that’s the case, than 2019 was a whirlwind of a year.  We’ve been so busy the past year working to grow and take care of the amazing


NRSNG is becoming in 2020

On January 14, 2020, NRSNG is becoming Let me try to answer some of the questions you might have and then I’ll explain a bit more. I made a quick video to explain it all here: CLICK HERE What

A couple nursing stories

I really just wanted to share a couple stories from my nursing journey.  As we approach a few breaks from school, I hope these stories help you remember your “WHY”.   Happy Nursing!


Learn the Nursing Process and ADPIE

So much of being a great nurse is focused on knowing the nursing process and always following it. What is the nursing process? The nursing process is best remember by the use of the acronym ADPIE ADPIE stands for: Assess


Achieve Anything In Nursing School In Just 90 Days

Seriously, you CAN DO IT. Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to actually follow through on your New Year’s Resolutions? Typically it’s because we lose motivation and focus because it’s too much of a long term goal. Listen


4 Steps to Master Critical Thinking in Nursing School

What is critical thinking for nursing? Chances are you’ve heard about critical thinking over and over from your nursing instructors, read about it in text books and seen it on tests. Has anyone actually shown you how to use critical


Understanding the Difference Between Hypotonic and Hypertonic

Today we have Nicole Weaver our Director of Curriculum breaking down IV Solutions and more specifically the difference between Hypotonic Solutions and Hypertonic Solutions. This is sometimes a difficult topic to grasp and even practicing nurses struggle with this concept.


Cranial Nerves and Coffee (Plus Mnemonic)

I’m going to break down all twelve cranial nerves in relation to something we all understand, ordering coffee at Starbucks! I. When you first walk in and smell the coffee aroma you’re using the Olfactory nerve. II. You walk inside

You Can Do This!

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you become the person who can. What’s up guys? Jon Haws, RN, founder of interest and g, and that is one of my favorite new quotes. There’s a mountain


Is Concept Based Nursing Flawed? (Podcast)

Some hate it, some love it and others have no clue what it is. I interview our director of curriculum here at, Nicole who is a huge fan of concept based nursing so long as it’s taught properly. The

How To Master Nursing School (90 Days at a Time)

Is it really possible to master nursing school in 90 days? Short answer is if you break it down into 90 day chunks then absolutely! Do you ever wonder why you never accomplish your New Year’s resolutions? I’m going to


Linchpins for the WIN (Nursing School Secret Weapon)

Nursing school is tough and I tirelessly poured over all of my textbooks and notes thinking that if I could just memorize EVERYTHING I would do great! And you know what? I did! My first two semesters I received straight


What Exactly IS the NCLEX and How Do You Pass?

Everyone in nursing school understands the gravity of the NCLEX. Nursing school is hard enough and then at the end of it you have to pass the NCLEX. It is the ONE test above all other tests that will determine


5 Things You Need to Know When Picking a Nursing School

With so many  nursing schools available these days it’s no wonder that picking the RIGHT one can feel nearly impossible. Don’t get overwhelmed choosing a nursing school. In this podcast episode I break down some of the key indicators of


What Wildfires Taught Me About Becoming a Nurse

Back in 2018 I was invited to speak at an event in Ventura California. Little did I know but I was flying into a literal disaster zone and shortly after leaving the airport began to understand the destruction that California


How to Avoid Nursing Burnout

In my career as an ICU nurse it didn’t take long for me to experience nursing burnout. It can be called many things other than nursing burnout but despite what it’s called it is a real thing that many new


What the Heck is a Flipped Classroom?

Duke University defines a flipped classroom as   “…rather than lecturing to students in class and then testing them, the instructor gives them the same information by way of online lecture or readings or some combination, prior to class time.

a student to barely passing nursing school

A+ Student to Barely Passing . . . Help!

Today’s question comes from a nursing student who says she went from being an A+ Student to barely passing. . . here are my tips for getting her grades back up.  Check out our nursing practice questions! Hey guys, Jon


What is NRSNG’s Core Content Mastery Method™?

The Core Content Mastery Method™ is our evidence based pedagogy at the heart of our mission to end the nursing shortage. The nursing profession is facing an alarming future due to a significant labor shortage. The demand for nurses is expected to grow

nursing podcasts

The NRSNG Radio App Is Live . . . And It’s Free

I’m pumped to share the brand new Podcast app with y’all.  I call it the Radio app . . . we’ve taken all of our podcasts and put them into an easy to use app so you can

2018 Year in Review

2018 was an insanely busy year for us here at NRSNG as we’ve been hard at work serving and supporting the growing NRSNG Family. I wanted to take a minute and share with y’all some of the goings on here

5 Simple Tips for Confidence in Nursing Clinical

Here’s a little secret .  .  . every nurse feels a bit nervous, scared, and terrified from time to time.   That’s okay. But what I want to share with you today is how to gain confidence on the clinical

Ep0032: APGAR Scoring

The APGAR score is a simple way to objectively determine how well a baby is doing immediately after birth. It is measured at 1 minute and 5 minute intervals. It helps to determine whether the baby needs resuscitation and might

Ep0029: Immunization Schedule

  QR Script: Pediatric immunizations are a controversial topic. It’s important that you know which immunizations are recommended at which stages of a child’s life.  It is up to the parents and the pediatrician as to how closely they follow Academy FAQs

Speaker 1: Welcome to the NRSNG podcast. Providing those who care for the world with the tools and confidence they need. Here’s your host, Jon Haws. Jon Haws: What’s up, guys? Welcome to the NRSNG podcast. I’m Jon Haws, RN.

Ep0028: Therapeutic Drug Levels

There are some medications that we give our patients that require close monitoring through testing the blood for levels of the drug. The goal is to make sure the drug is at therapeutic levels in the system so that it

Ep0027: IM Injection Sites

There are 4 sites we can use for Intramuscular or IM injections, though 3 of them are the most common.  The dorsogluteal, is rarely used due to its risk of damaging the sciatic nerve. The other three sites are the

Ep0026: Med Math Equations

Dosage calculation is something that every nursing student either loves or dreads! We all have to pass math exams every semester. It’s either easy points or makes you a nervous wreck! If you’re the second type, I hope this little

Nursing School Doesn’t Have to be a School of Hard Knocks

Nichole Weaver: Welcome to the NRSNG podcast, providing those who care for the world with the tools and confidence they need. And here’s your host, John Haws. John Haws: What’s up, guys? John Haws here with … Nichole Weaver: Nichole

Ep0025: Insulin Administration

Dosage calculation is something that every nursing student either loves or dreads! We all have to pass math exams every semester. It’s either easy points or makes you a nervous wreck! If you’re the second type, I hope this little

Patients We Will Never Forget

Audio: Welcome to the NRSNG podcast, providing those who care for the world with the tools and confidence they need. And here’s your host, Jon Haws. Jon Haws: What’s up guys? Welcome to the NRSNG podcast. I’m here with Nicole-

Ep0021: ABG ROME Chart

There are many tricks to interpreting ABG’s, the ROME chart is just one of them. ROME stands for “Respiratory Opposite Metabolic Equal”. What that means is that if your pH is High, which is alkalosis, then you would either see

Ep269: NRSNG Academy is LIVE

What’s going on? John Haws here, RN, founder of NRSNG. And today I’m incredibly excited because today, if you go to or, either one, your choice. Depends on how you wanna do it. Or if you just Google

nclex prep nursing podcasts

Ep049 Protect Patient from Injury

Falls: initiate fall risk care plan if appropriate, make sure patient is safe to ambulate, initiate all fall precautions Electrical hazards Unsafe behavior from other patients or visitors

Ep268: It’s Coming Next Week

Next week on July first 2018 the new NRSNG Academy is going live. What does this mean? If you’re a current NRSNG Academy member you’re going to be automatically grandfathered in. No changes for you whatsoever. No changes to payment,

I Don’t Want to Sound Cliche

I want to tell you guys a short story today, and I don’t want to sound too cliché, and I don’t want to sound like I’m [minimalizing 00:00:10] anything, but I do want to share with you guys a little

Ep0014: Levels of Consciousness

  Levels of Consciousness *Alert Normal *Patients who are alert is awake or easily awakened by voice from a normal sleep stage are considered alert. *Lethargic *Drowsy *Patients who awaken briefly and answer questions appropriately but easily fall asleep care

Ep0012: Hierarchy of O2 Delivery

Let’s simplify oxygen delivery devices. Nasal cannulas fit inside the patient’s nose to deliver a little extra FiO2, like for patients having chest pain. Simple face masks are great for patients needing extra FiO2 but tend to breathe through their


On July 1, 2018, we are launching the NRSNG Academy 2.0. Now, I call it 2.0 because it’s really the second time we’re launching it, but really, this is like version 4 billion point O because the update and the

A Bit of Colored Ribbon

Ever since I can remember, I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. For some reason, that was always the car that I wanted to drive. I felt like maybe it embodied some of what I feel about life, this free spirit

how to study for nursing school

Cardiac Biomarkers for Nurses

In addition to EKG’s, we utilize cardiac biomarkers to determine extent of ischemia and infarction. There are a few main cardiac biomarkers, or also called cardiac enzymes, that we will monitor. As you’ll see, each one has a specific timeline

The Wonder of Nursing

About two weeks ago I took my son Taz to chess class. He was attending chess class every couple nights. I took him to chess class, and as we were sitting there waiting for the class to start, this was

how to study for nursing school

Cardiac Labs and Meds for Nurses

In addition to the three main classes of anti-hypertensives we already discussed, ACE Inhibitors like Lisinopril and Captopril, Beta Blockers like Metoprolol and Propranolol, and Calcium Channel Blockers like Nicardipine and Diltiazem, there are a number of other classes of

how to study for nursing school

Ep001: EKG Placement for Nurses

Let’s talk about 5-Lead EKG placement and Auscultation of Heart Sounds. There are 5 electrocardiogram leads we use traditionally to get tracings of the heart for telemetry and cardiac monitoring. Many times, your leads may actually have letters on them

how to study for nursing school

Welcome to the Scrubcheats Podcast!

Hey guys, welcome to the Scrubcheats podcast. This is our BRAND NEW show covering must know clinical information.  Each episode will be just 3-5 minutes and new episodes each week!  Subscribe now to know when we go live.

nursing school motivation

What You Focus on Becomes Your Reality

Hey guys . . . Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on here.  I just wanted to record a short episode to share a personal experience I had this week.

Your Journey Through Nursing with Nurse Mo

We all have unique journeys into nursing.  Today I am excited to introduce you to Nurse Mo of as she shares her journey and experiences in the field of nursing.

lion nursing school

Lions Don’t Give a ****

One of my favorite quotes is: Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep. We want you to be a LION.  Be humble, work your hardest, do everything that you can . . . and then . . .

How to Handle Med Errors

It is always important to respond appropriately in the face of a mistake.  If you handle it appropriately you can minimize problems and learn from your mistake.  Learn from an experienced nurse how to handle a med error.