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Ep015: Identify Responsibilities of Each Health Care Team Member

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        • Nursing staff
          • Continual care provider, advocate, administer medications and orders placed by medical team, evaluate effectiveness, notify medical staff of concerns, facilitate collaboration of entire healthcare team, work with health care team to optimize care
          • Manage additional nursing support staff, delegate
            • Nursing assistants
            • Medical unit receptionists
        • Medical staff
          • Consists of an attending physician and support staff (PA’s, NP’s, colleagues), as well as a consulting physicians and support staff (PA’s, NP’s, colleagues)
          • Diagnose and prescribe treatments, perform procedures
        • Respiratory therapist
          • Provide specialized respiratory support from in-depth respiratory assessments, breathing treatments, to intubations and ventilator management
        • Physical therapist
          • Evaluate and maximize level of function from a mobility standpoint, works closely with OT
        • Occupational therapist
          • Evaluate and maximize ability to care for self; focuses on ADL’s, works closely with PT
        • Speech therapist
          • Evaluate ability to swallow safety, and also language abilities (understanding what’s being spoken, responding appropriately)
        • Dietician
          • Evaluates and recommends various forms of therapeutic nutrition (enteral, parenteral, specialized oral diets and care plans)
          • Works with dietary services
        • Case manager
          • Coordinates resources, facilitates discharges, works closely with social worker
        • Social worker
          • Assess social situation (living concerns, financial issues, support systems) and provides resources and support
        • Pharmacist
          • Review all ordered medications for safety, appropriateness
          • Mixes meds, facilitates preparation of various medications
          • Advises the nursing staff on administration
        • Chaplain
          • Provide spiritual support or facilitate getting a spiritual leader of the patient’s specific faith to the bedside
        • Administrative positions
          • Nurse manager, nursing director, chief nursing officer, medical director
        • Additional roles, not as common
          • Music therapist, child life specialist

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