I Can Not Imagine Nursing School During COVID

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Over the last four or five months. I think what the world has seen…almost more than anything…is the resilience of nurses and healthcare professionals. And I

want to talk to you nursing students who have demonstrated exactly how resilient, how strong, and how incredible you guys are.

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With Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD and NURSING.com.

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Podcast Transcription

Over the last four or five months. I think what the world has seen almost more than anything is the resilience of nurses and healthcare professionals. And I want to talk to you nursing students who have demonstrated exactly how resilient, how strong and how incredible you guys are. I think that we all know nursing school is difficult and I’ve preached that many times over the years, just how complicated nursing school can be. My nursing journey was not easy. It was complicated by just the sheer volume of things that were there to learn, financial stresses, work stress , time stress, family stress, that nursing school is. And then balancing that with clinical learning and all that there is to know, and to learn in nursing school. So I absolutely had that experience in nursing school and it, it was difficult and it was hard but it was worth it, of course, but now you nursing students who are going through nursing school during the middle of a global pandemic, I can’t even imagine how difficult this is and I want to commend you. And honestly, you know, if it wasn’t for social distancing, give you just a big hug for how strong you are. I can’t imagine going through nursing school with everything just completely shut off and changed overnight with clinicals being closed with classrooms, being shut down with trying to learn much of what there is to learn in nursing school online and virtually it is not an easy feat. And I don’t think anyone can talk to just how hard it is or give you honestly suggestions for, doing it because no one’s ever done this before. Right? The last time we had a pandemic of this size and this magnitude, and this impact was 1918 and there wasn’t a such thing as virtual learning in that time.
And obviously nursing was a much different profession at that time, but you guys that are going through this right now, I want to commend you for your strength for your resilience. And I want to ask you and plead with you that you don’t give up, that you don’t stop and that you don’t quit. The world needs more nurses. And I’ve said that hundreds of times, over these years on this podcast, but even more so now than ever do we need nurses who are compassionate, who are caring and who have gone through a health crisis. Imagine coming out of nursing school, at such a critical time in our world’s history. And to be able to say that you did this, that you got through it, first of all, and that you entered the workforce at such a terrifying and unique time in history truly is amazing.
So I don’t have much else to say today, honestly, outside of that, this is such an incredible opportunity for you. Um, and I truly am very proud of you for doing this. Please stay strong, please keep your focus, keep your mind going. I do want to let you know, uh, of a couple of resources that we do have available for you over on nursing.com. If you’re a nursing student, uh, to help you with this, first of all would be our nursing skills course. Our nursing skills course includes, 38 HD videos covering all different kinds of nursing skills. I know a lot of your classes have been moved online and a lot of your clinicals have been canceled entirely. So this nursing skills course I’m sure will be very helpful. It’s inside our nursing student Academy. If you’re a member, just go in there, watch those skills, review those skills.
They’re HD videos done with experienced masters prepared nurses, um, showing you the skills, talking you through the skills, uh, with very close up high-def videos. The other course that I would recommend is this is our nursing, clinical three 60. It includes a head to toe assessment course, which talks about everything you need for assessment. It also includes an IV insertion course, which goes over with again, very nice high Def videos, closeups of inserting an IV. Some of the complications you’ll see some of the different types of patients you’re going to see. So that’d be very helpful there. Then there’s the nursing skills videos, which I talked about. It also includes nursing case studies. These are low fidelity, uh, case studies. Each of them take about 40 to 60 minutes to complete. They talk you through Bloom’s taxonomy. They talk you through, um, some of the most prevalent disease processes.
You’ll see, heart failure, hypovolemic shock, septic shock hypertensive crisis endocarditis. So you can work through those, um, lessons. And each of them take about 40 minutes to an hour. If you’re a nursing professor, these make a great low fidelity, um, clinical replacement. If you’re a nursing student, let your professors know we have this, clinical nursing, 360 nursing clinical 360 course with these case studies. I think there’ll be very helpful for you. And then we have nursing care plans. Uh, we have a bunch of nursing care plans, how to write them the purpose of them, and then care plans for various different disease processes throughout the body. And then we also have nursing concept maps. So again, the modules, the courses they’re inside this nursing clinical 360, our head to toe assessment, IV insertion, nursing skills, case studies, uh, care plans and concept maps.
It includes 166 cheat sheets, 260 questions, 198 lessons, 140 images, four pneumonics 29, 3d bio digital images where you can navigate the human body as well as 70 Picmonics. So I think this will be a big help. We threw this together at the beginning of the COVID outbreak, and we’ve kept it up there because I think it’s going to be incredibly helpful. There are seven different instructors in the course. So really I would, I would go over and I would ask you and suggest to you that you go and take it again. I can’t understand what it would feel like going through clinical and going through classes entirely virtually. But I think that, uh, you know, we’ve thrown this course together, which includes a lot of live video, a lot of closeups of skills and, and assessments, um, and IV insertion. So I think that it should help a lot, uh, as you’re going through, if you’re an instructor, please reach out to us [email protected] We can help you get this set up for all of your students. If you’re a student, and you have the nursing student membership or the bundle membership, please get in there and start using it. I think it’ll be a great replacement, a great way to kind of keep these skills fresh as we’re going through this. And as clinical sites are being evaluated as we go through the fall semester. We love you guys. We want you to be successful now, go out and be your best self today. Happy nursing.

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