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QOD 62: Dysphagia in a Stroke Patient (Neuro/Basic Care and Comfort)


A nurse is caring for a patient who is recovering from a stroke and who has difficulties swallowing. The patient must have all liquids thickened to a nectar consistency. Which of the following is a true statement regarding this consistency of liquids? Select all that apply.


A. Nectar-thick liquids can be poured.

C. An example of nectar-thick liquid would be cream soup.

E. A person can use a commercial thickening agent to get a liquid to nectar consistency.


A person with dysphagia has difficulty swallowing food and liquids and may need to thicken liquids to avoid choking or aspiration. Liquids can be thickened to nectar, honey, or pudding consistencies. Nectar-thick liquids are pourable and can be thickened with a commercial thickening agent. An example would be a cream soup.

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