Tip #4: Take Every Practice Question You Can Find

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So here we are . . . tip #4.  Want to read the other tips?  Click here


I hope these 6 tips are helping you in your studies.  These are the exact strategies I used to graduate nursing school with a 3.8 GPA and demolish the just two weeks after graduating.


Without a doubt, these tips will help you too!


We are all in this together.


I’ll keep this tip brief.


Tip #4: Take Every Practice Question You Can Find


In a 2012 study printed in the Journal of Experimental Education it was found that  “a large percentage of students who took the practice tests indicated that they were a beneficial review strategy”.


Practice tests and practice questions are even more beneficial for nursing students because nursing exams differ greatly from traditional exams we are used to taking prior to entering nursing school.


Another article published by Vanderbuilt University indicated that “retrieval practice (as occurs during testing) often produces greater learning and long term retention than studying.”


Retrieval practice refers to testing your ability to recall information ie practice questions.  This has a huge benefit in your ability to recall and learn new information over simply reading chapters for a couple of reasons.


  • It illustrates to you what information you are unfamiliar with.
  • It forces you to recall the information you have studied.


Basically, you need to take EVERY practice question you can find to maximize the amount of time you spend in retrieval practice prior to taking an exam.


Here are the Top 8 Places to Take Practice Questions that I have found:


  1. Don’t just search online for practice questions.  This can lead you to false information that might deter from your learning.  Some might be good but you don’t want to waste time sifting through the crap!


  1. Nursing 500 from NURSING.com (yours truly):


This is our collection of 500 practice questions divided into the 8 categories tested on the actual .

I wrote this book as an easy to use guide available on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers so that you can study at any time no matter where you are.


  1. End of chapter quizzes. These practice questions are here for a reason . . . use them.  To be honest I noticed more than a couple times that my professors would pull some of their quiz questions directly from here.  So few students use them that many never even noticed.

I went as far as grabbing other Med Surg books from my schools library to take the end of chapter quizzes from them as well.


  1. NCLEX® 3500: at NursingPracticeQuestions.com this is a resource provided by NURSING.com.


  1. Lippincotts Q&A  . . . listen, this book worked wonders for me.  It is loaded with questions covering every topic needed to know to pass the . This is strictly a question book with no real content review at all. If you are looking for a ton of questions, this is a great book.


  1. Saunders Q&A: I used this book almost exclusively during my first semester of nursing school.  Not only is it full of questions but also has a good amount of content review at a fairly basic and condensed level.


  1. Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: I actually didn’t discover this book until my last semester, but it was one of my favorite prep books.  We all know that the puts a large amount of emphasis on the new grads ability to prioritize, delegate and assign . . . this book takes it to a whole new level by focusing entirely on these items.


  1. Test Success: this little gem is one of the best kept secrets in the nursing world. Its not really a study guide as much as it’s a strategy book that helps you learn HOW to take nursing school exams.


To view all of these books online CLICK HERE.


Look, if you want to ACE nursing exams you really need to be taking every practice question you can find.



I know this sounds like a simple tactic but there is no better way of knowing how well you grasp the content than to actually test yourself.


Not only will it take the question out of whether or not you understand the content but it will also take the anxiety away on test day.


You can do this!  The and nursing school are tough . . . they need to be to insure that we are prepared to provide the best patient care possible.  But you can pass and have a brilliant future as a nurse!


Happy Nursing!


-Jon Haws RN CCRN

p.s.  I am working on an AMAZING app that will help you prepare for the NCLEX® like no other.  SIMCLEX uses the exact same algorithms the actual uses (no other prep program does this) and you can take it with you on your phone or tablet!  >>Click Here to Check it Out<<

p.p.s. Did you know NURSING.com (yours truly) has multiple best-selling nursing books on Amazon each for just $2.99!  WTH?

Nursing 500: 500 Practice Questions and Rationales
Lab Values: 63 Must Know Lab Values for Nurses
140 Must Know MEDS: Demolish Nursing Pharmacology

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