Nursing Concept Map Template

 It can be [slightly] intimidating learning new disease processes and associate nursing care.

Here is our nursing concept map template that you can download for free. This template, while simple-looking, will help you focus your learning on those things that are going to help you master diseases.

This is the exact same concept map I used while I was in nursing school to help me learn new disease processes.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Start with the big box in the center: fill out broad information about the disease
  2. Risk factors: fill our the risk factors, you will notice that the risk factors have an arrow pointing down to the middle – indicating that these factors will lead to the disease
  3. Signs and symptoms: what is the general presentation for a patient with this disease process
  4. Potential complications: alrighty, we know alot about the disease, but what other complications can arise from this disease process
  5. Medical interventions: what types of orders and interventions will be ordered for this patient
  6. Nursing diagnosis and interventions: you’re at the last step – with all this information, you can now complete the nursing diagnosis and interventions

This is a simple concept map template, but it does take some work to fill out.  The process of filling it out really starts to make the information sink in so that you can remember it long down the road.

So print out this sheet and make copies for each disease process you are learning.