IV Insertion Course for Nurses (Steps, Skills & Techniques)

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Do you struggle with IV insertion? How well do you understand the mechanisms and skills to insert an IV perfectly on the first try? This course will take you through live videos of IV insertion on various populations and insertion in different locations. Learn how to choose the right gauges, IV site, blood draws, med ports and so much more! This course will help you get the IV in on the FIRST attempt every time!

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Lessons: 26

Cheatsheets: 21

Questions: 5


Miriam Wahrman, MSN/Ed, RNC-MNN

Chance Reaves, MSN-Ed, RN

Toni Moreland, BSN, RN

Course Lessons

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Become confident with IVs in this IV insertion course for nurses.  Taught by practicing ED and ICU nurses, you will learn the skills and techniques of peripheral IV insertion in full length videos performed on live patients.

Includes live full-length IV insertion training video tutorials for:

  • Bariatric patients
  • Dark skinned patients
  • Tattooed patients
  • Geriatric patients
  • Combative patients

Includes training on:

  • Supplies
  • Documentation
  • Discontinuing an IV
  • Selecting a vein
  • Positioning
  • Needle insertion

In this course, we’ve outlined just about everything you need to know as a new grad to improve your confidence and skills in placing IVs.  We cover everything from supplies, setups, securing methods, and even what size IV catheter you should use and the best place to start it. We even show you how to place IV catheters and bariatric patients, patients with tattoos and dark skin tones, geriatric patients, and even how to handle situations with combative patients that need IVs. We are confident that after going through this course, that your skills and success in placing those IVs will skyrocket. So jump in and check out everything this course has to offer.