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Engage Your nursing students (formerly NRSNG) is a modern education platform that improves nursing student outcomes.

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Complete Curriculum + NCLEX Help includes a full curriculum suite developed by experienced nurse educators based on the most current evidenced based practice. Classroom implementation is as simple as the click of a mouse.

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Core Content Mastery Method™

Our innovative pedagogy, The Core Content Mastery Method™ (CCMM), developed by nurse educators for nursing students drives the curriculum on The CCMM has three goals:

Educating the digital native nursing student requires a new approach to nursing education that includes digital first curriculum, material for all preferred learning styles, and curriculum that is easy to integrate into existing curriculum plans - is the solution to these demands.

Compassionate Educators

Our team of 20+ nurse educators hold DNP, MSN, and BSN degrees and are currently working in the area they teach.

Imagine your students learning about DIC from an OB nurse who just cared for a DIC patient the night before! With, you are putting the world's best nurse educators in front of your students - everyday.

But more importantly, our educators want your students to succeed and they understand the struggles you face as an educator.

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