00.01 Chemistry Course Introduction

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This course will provide a foundational understanding of basic chemistry. Chemistry is essential to success as a nurse. This information permeates concepts in Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology. Understanding this course will give you the basics you need to know in order to expand your knowledge in those areas. It can also help you to be successful on any entrance exams you may be required to take (HESI, TEAS, etc.).


Hello and welcome to this course on the basics of chemistry. My name is Christine brink and I’ll be your instructional guide as we tore through some basic chemistry concepts in this series. I’ve been teaching pretty much all things chemistry and biology for the last 15 years at a local high school. I graduated from Otterbein university in Westerville, Ohio in 1992 with a bachelor of science in life science and chemistry. Um, I began teaching biology once. My kiddos you see pictured here, um, became old enough to go to school. And um, my true passion for the last eight years has been teaching AP bio and AP computer science. I’m an AP reader for college board and every year I gather with like minded teachers in grade AP exams. I’m a consultant for the national math and science initiative where I create course content for new bio teachers. And when I’m not teaching, I’m usually out traveling and exploring the places with my family. I truly believe, you’re never too old to learn new things. I’m sure you’re going to learn lots as we review chemistry together, as these lessons are definitely gonna help you on your standardized tests. And I really hope to inspire you to find a new appreciation for the study of chemistry. So let’s get started on this Chem journey, and as always, go out and be your best self today and happy nursing.