00.01 Health Assessment Course Introduction

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The Health Assessment course will help you understand how to complete a thorough, efficient head to toe assessment of your patient. Health Assessment can be intimidating, but we break down each body system and show you on a real person how to look, listen, and feel for abnormalities. We believe that if you know what you SHOULD see, hear, and feel, then you can quickly identify when something is wrong and dig deeper.  We will also share our trick to completing a thorough patient assessment in only five minutes! Upon completion of this course, you will be able to…

  1. Discuss the proper order of assessment steps for each body system.
  2. Perform a safe and thorough assessment of each individual body system to identify abnormalities.
  3. Identify and overcome any barriers to a good health assessment.
  4. Quickly perform a 5-Minute Assessment on a patient.