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00.01 Sociology Course Introduction

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In this brief course introduction we will quickly discuss some thing you will get out of this course and I will introduce you to myself as I will be your instructor.


This course is designed to help students learn about sociology as a scientific discipline. Sociology is the study of the society. In our first lecture we will go over the sociological imagination which a quintessential part of introductory sociology. This will set the stage for everything moving forward so be sure to get this down before moving onto other topics.


The other big focus of the course will on the 3 big sociological perspectives that sociologists use to guide their research and study. You will be introduced to these in lesson 2. Throughout each of the other lessons these perspectives will be used to help us understand different aspects of our social reality.

My name is Aaron Vincent and I currently reside in Des Moines, IA.

I received a Master’s degree in sociology from the University of South Carolina in 2015. I obtained Bachelor’s degrees in sociology and psychology from the University of Iowa in 2009. I have been teaching sociology courses for 5 years at multiple institutions.

Outside of work, I joined a CrossFit gym this year and it has been a blast. At home, my wife and I enjoy cooking, curling up with a good book, and spoiling our Australian cattle dog Hailey which you can see here on the right. We would love to get another dog but Hailey is definitely an only child.

We love you guys! Go out and be your best self today! And as always, Happy Nursing!