01.06 Oxidation & Reduction

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  1. Oxidation Reaction- when a compound loses an electron in a chemical reaction
    1. Example: Glucose is oxidized during cellular respiration
  2. Reduction – When a compound gains an electron in a chemical reaction  
    1. Example: NAD+ is reduced to NADH in cellular respiration
  3. OIL-RIG or LEO the lion goes GER to remember Lose electrons oxidize, gain electrons reduce.
  4. Redox Reaction- usually when one molecule loses and electron another molecules gains said electron.


Hello today we are going to discuss two important types of reactions, oxidation, and reduction.

And to start of I’m going to state this phrase “LEO the lion goes GER” and while you probably don’t know what the heck that means…. you soon will!

So in many chemical reactions, there is a transfer of electrons as the matter is being reconfigured. And in RedOx reactions some compound or molecule is losing an electron and another is gaining. Oxidation is when a molecule or atom loses an electron and reduction is when an electron is gained.

And oftentimes it is easy to confuse which one is which. This is where the phrase Leo the lion comes into play.  “LEO” stands for Losing Electrons-Oxidation and the sound the lion makes “GER” stands for Gaining Electrons -Reduction. And so the reason this is helpful is that our brains have a hard time associating the word reduction with a gain. So if you can remember that phrase you’ll remember correctly which one is gaining and which one is losing.

So a great example of a RedOx reaction is aerobic cellular respiration. The carbons in glucose are being stripped of their electrons during this process so we can say glucose is being oxidized and through the formation of carbon dioxide and water electrons are in turn gained which means they are being reduced. 

So in review, the process known as oxidation is when an atom or molecule loses electrons. The reduction is when an atom or molecule gains those electrons during a chemical reaction. The phrase LEO the lion goes GER is to help remember LEO- losing e- oxidized and GER- gaining e- reduction. and together these are what we refer to as RedOx reactions. 

Thank you for reviewing Oxidation and Reduction here with us. Now go out and be your best self today and happy nursing!