05.02 Amiodarone (Pacerone)

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Generic Name


Trade Name



a-fib, ventricular arrhythmias, SVT, ACLS protocol for v-fib and v-tach


Prolongs phase 3 of the action potential, makes the heart more tolerant to arrhythmias, inhibits adrenergic stimulation, slows rate, decreases peripheral vascular resistance causing vasodilation

Therapeutic Class

Antiarrhythmic class III, potassium channel blocker

Pharmacologic Class


Nursing Considerations

• May lead to ARDS, pulmonary toxicity, CHF, bradycardia, hypotension
• Increases risk for QT prolongation
• Increases digoxin levels
• Increases activity of warfarin
• Monitor EKG continuously while on therapy
• Assess for signs and symptoms of ARDS
• Monitor liver function test
• Check dosage with another RN
• Teach pt to monitor pulse daily and report abnormalities
• Avoid drinking grapefruit juice