Phenazopyridine (Pyridium) Nursing Considerations

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Generic Name


Trade Name



urological pain


provides analgesia to the urinary tract mucosa

Therapeutic Class

nonopioid analgesics

Pharmacologic Class

urinary tract analgesics

Nursing Considerations

• will turn urine red or orange
• may cause headache, vertigo, hepatic toxicity
• monitor renal function

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Hey guys, let’s take a look at the drug Fanzo pyridine also known as Pyridium. This is an oral medication, as you can see here with this packaging. So the therapeutic class of Fanzo pyridine is a non-opioid and GIC and the pharmacologic class or the chemical effect of the drug is a urinary tracted analgesic. So the Nadine works to provide analgesia or pain relief to the urinary tract mucosa, which is why we use it for urological pain, commonly for symptoms associated with a UT I, so a few side effects that can be seen with Phaze pyridine are headache and vertigo, a few nursing considerations for Phaze. Pyridine be sure to monitor your patients renal fun and know that this drug may cause hepatic toxicity and make sure that your patient knows that this drug can turn their urine an orangeish reddish color. So it’s a common misconception of patients that Iridium is going to fix their underlying problem. When really all it’s going to do is help their symptoms. So for instance, if your patient has a UTI, they need to understand that this drug will only help their symptoms, but they will most likely need an antibiotic to treat their underlying issue. 

That’s it for pyridine or Pyridium now go out your best self today and as always happy nursing.

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