00.01 Fluid & Electrolytes Course Introduction

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Included In This Lesson


The Fluid & Electrolytes Course eliminates the confusion and content overwhelm when learning about fluid balance in the body and the most common electrolytes. We break down where fluid is stored in the body, how and why it moves between those places, and the different types of IV fluid solutions we can give patients. We also talk about the most important electrolytes, their role in the body, and what happens when they’re too high or too low. We break all of it down and make it easy to understand, you’ll be a fluid & electrolytes expert in no time. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to…

  1. Discuss the various fluid compartments in the body and their locations and importance.
  2. Discuss the pressures that affect fluid and electrolyte movement within the body.
  3. Discuss how and why fluid shifts between compartments and the implications for patient care.
  4. Discuss the 3 types of IV fluid solutions (isotonic, hypotonic, hypertonic), their effect on the body, and the uses for each.
  5. Discuss the 6 most common electrolytes, their role in the body, and what happens when they are too low (hypo) or too high (hyper).