25.07 Lidocaine (Xylocaine)

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Generic Name


Trade/Brand Name



  • Surgical procedures required local or regional anesthetic
  • Treatment of irregular heart rhythms in emergency situations


  • Blocks influx of sodium ions into surrounding membranes
  • Prevents conduction of impulses along nerve

Therapeutic Class

  • Local anesthetic
  • Regional anesthetic
  • Antiarrhythmic – Class 1b

Pharmacologic Class

Amide anesthetic

Nursing Considerations

  • Use caution in patients with hepatic disease
    • Effects prolonged
  • Do not use with
    • Severe heart block
    • Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
    • Stokes-Adam syndrome
    • Allergy
  • Signs of overdose
    • Nervousness
    • Double vision
    • Tremors
    • Confusion
  • May interact with beta blockers