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We always want our family members to succeed, and there’s no way better than by sitting down with you and showing you how to create your own study plans. In this session, we’ll walk you through how to create them based on your concepts or syllabi! Don’t miss out!

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Can everybody hear me? Well, that’s on here so far.
I Dunno if they can hear me chance. Nobody’s saying anything. Can you?
Alright. Do you guys can hear me? Perfect. All right, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Um, I am Tammy. I am your community manager here at interesting g and how many of you guys are having difficulty creating a study plan? We’re kind of getting started on where to start. Awesome. All right, well I am going to help you out here today. So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen here. Screen two
Okay. Can you all see that?
awesome. All right, let’s go ahead and get started. All right, so I’m going to go ahead and go back to my dashboard. So right now this is in the create a new study plan feature, but on your dashboard you’re going to have a big green tab that says create new study plan. So if you are on the unlimited plan, you can create as many study plans as you want. If you’re on the free plan or the $15 plan, you can have three. Okay. So the reason why study plans are so awesome is it might take you some time to create it, but once you’ve created it, it’s really going to say you guys some time on your studying. All right, so let’s go ahead and create new study plan. I know these search filters right here might look a little scary because there’s so many of them, but I’m going to go through each one of them and showing you what they do and why they’re so awesome. So to begin, go ahead and name it whatever you like. I’m going to use a study or a still that I got in email from one of the users and I’m just going to kind of go off of what they were needing help with. So, um, I’m going to go ahead and name it cardiac
and then if you’d like, you can set a due date. So if you know you have a test coming up, you can say, say your test is on July 31st you can go ahead and set it for June 29th or whatever. When you want this study, take a study plan to be complete. So I’m going to go ahead and set it for June 29th. You do not have to put that in, but it’s something that will help you keep track of your site plan progress. So this first search filter right here, this is going to be like a specific name. So if you have a still buy that says, um, you need to know, say heart sounds or um, hypertension, would I do, is I literally just copy and paste that into right here. So for instance, let’s just say you’re needing heart sounds, just type it heart sounds and it’s gonna pull up 24 lessons.
You see that? So this is going to be the lesson numbers that’s pulled up. It’s going to pull up 24 lessons that had mentioned heart sounds in you have that outline or um, somewhere inside the lesson. So some of them might not be what you want so you can further search. So for instance, this first part, this is going to be med surge cardiac. So this is a cardiac lesson. This is going to be by course and this is going to be um, uh, what lessons. So let’s go ahead and filter it a little bit more and say we just want cardiac. So scroll down to by course. This is going to be in g courses. Let’s go ahead. Um, and um, Marie is saying there is no sound. Does anybody else hear me? So some people hear me. All right. Okay, so am I think that it might be your computer. So,
um, I don’t know
to help you with log out and log back in. There you go. All right, so let’s go back here. So if you’re wanting it in cardiac to scroll down and find the cardiac NRSNG course, select cardiac, and now it’s just going to be the cardiac lessons. So now you see went from 24 to six. So now all you have to do is pull in the most relevant, relevant lessons that you need. So for instance, this first one, heart sounds definitely. So all you have to do is click anywhere on the, uh, the lesson. So, and then just keep scrolling through here and if you want to have any, um, more lessons, you can go ahead and add them in. So whatever you, um, whatever you, your teacher’s going to be talking about, you can pull them over. It doesn’t matter how many or whatever. So that is the first, um, search filter. So let’s go ahead and do that again. Um, so by course I have to clear that out. You always want to clear your search filters as you’re adding lessons. Okay. Um, all right. Chance, chance is going to kind of help you out. So just keep reading along what chance of saying 40. Okay. Um, so let’s go ahead and search now for hypertension.
So hypertension, you see it pulled up 30 lessons and again, you want to, you wanna specify it again by course. You can go ahead and search by course, but if you want say lessons on, um, in different areas, in different courses, you can also do that too. So let’s go ahead and select the, the hypertension, um, and then just keep scrolling down. Again, some might not be relevant for you because remember this is going to pull in every single lesson that talks about, um, that word that you’re searching. Okay? So if you want a hypertension nursing care plan, which might be helpful. So the nursing care plan is our new course. Go ahead and pull that over. So that might be helpful as you’re creating those care plans. So that is the first search filter. Does anybody have any questions on that before I move on to the next one? We can do another example if you’d like or
yes. Which yes, you have a question, Donna, do you have a question or yes, move on. I do not have the selection of all med-surge. Um, what do you mean by that? Like in the courses, you don’t have all the, a med surge. It’s on a second here. Um, yes. Okay. So Donna, why don’t you email me and I can further look at this. Um,
After the tutoring session, I can go ahead and look through this for you. I’m going to put my email right here.
And then you can email me that way. We don’t spend time on this right now, so you’re welcome. All right, so now let’s go ahead and move on to the next search function. Okay. So again, we kind of jumped into this, uh, briefly as, um, I was doing the search by lesson, but you can also search by course. So say you’re wanting lessons, let’s just go ahead and stick with cardiac. So med-surge, um, let’s go down to cardiac. So this is going to be the entire med, a med surge cardiac course. Okay. Now you can further that search by module. So say you’re just wanting lessons in cardiac on shock. So if you select cardiac and then shock is just going to pull, it’s going to pull up the cardiac module, or sorry, the cardiac course on shock. So you see there’s four lessons, so you can go ahead and pull all of those over. Um, module intro if you’d like. Um, and so on. So one thing I do want to point out is while you guys are creating these stay, we leave this filter, um, are these, uh, searches in these filters and you come up and let’s say you want a lesson on angina.
You searched that, you see it’s gonna pull up saying no lesson is found. Um, the reason why is, um, you still have these filters here. So if you remove these filters, you see it’s going to pull up the angina lesson. So make sure all of your search filters are clear, including this one. So now if we come down and we want to search, um, by course and say, Ma, uh, community health and nursing, it’s gonna say there’s no lessons found. So make sure this is always clear when you want to start a new search. All right, so this is, that is that search filter. So you’d go by course. Um, and then by, uh, module. Does anybody have questions on the by course and by module?
Awesome. All right, so let’s go ahead and move on to the concept. So some schools are concept base. Um, and if you are concept-based school, then you’re going to know that. If not, then you probably won’t know, uh, what this search filters all about. But, uh, for instance, if you are concert based school and you’re wanting lessons all about clotting, you just need to come down here, select clotting and you see it’s gonna pull up all of the different lessons on the concept of clotting. So you see there’s 27, um, and then you can just pull those over whatever you guys are talking about in class or um, that’s on your syllabus. Now, this is probably the best, um, search filter that, uh, we’ve added. Um, if you had one of these books, it’s going to be super awesome for you. If not, I’m sorry, but, um, if you have one of these ATI books, um, let’s go ahead and keep scrolling the fundamental books and med surge. Um, then this is going to be a super awesome tool for you. So say you have the ATI Book and you’re doing adult medical searching, surgical nursing 9.0 edition, select that book. And then you can search by Cha, uh, units for this case. So say you’re wanting, um, unit three is what you’re on. And if you see you select ATI, adult medical surge, cool nursing. And then unit three, it’s going to pull up all of the lessons that we have on that unit. So you can go ahead and add those to your syllabus.
And there you go. So now you have does, he may have questions about the um, book search. Awesome. Okay, so now we have created a study plan here that is specific to what we are going to be learning about in class. So you’re going to go ahead and save your study plan
and then now you have study plan. So now let’s say that you want another study plan and this time you want all about respiratory. So there is one search function that I did not show you. Let’s go ahead and create a new study plan. Come down to one of our use pre-made study plans. There is going to be one in here for every single course that we have inside the interest in g. Um, if you see for, if you’re looking for in cliques prep, we have some here. Um, but say we want one on respiratory. So just go ahead and scroll down. Um, the inner CG respiratory, once you click that, it’s going to automatically pull all of the lessons over that we think you should go for respiratory and um, you don’t have to do anything else other than name it something. Let’s go ahead and name it respiratory,
And then just save your study plan. So that is probably the fastest way to do it, but you’re not going to have, um, uh, specific lessons that you’re wanting, um, inside your study plan. So now that you have created, now we have two study plans here. Let’s go back to our dashboard. And inside your dashboard you can see your two study plans right here. Now I’m going to show you a couple of different, um, things that you need to know, um, in order to start studying. Now that you have multiple studies. Um, first of all, if you want, if you see these three dots here, you click those, you can edit, share, and delete your study plan all from right here in your dashboard. So to share it, that just means you want to share it with a friend. Just click on that. You can copy this URL and then just send it to a friend and they’ll have access to your study plan. So it’s kind of cool. Um, and then if you want to edit, if you edit, it’s just going to take you back into your study, plan a page and then delete. You can also delete from here. All right, so now let’s say you want to study cardiac, make sure you always make it your current study plan.
Um, two, the reason why I’ll show you kind of why in a sec.
like computer. There we go. Alright, so to make it your current study plan. So now you see my respiratory study plan is my current study plan. Now to get to the study part, just click on any lesson and it’ll take you to um, inside those studying. Now from here, you know, you want to make sure you watch the lessons and so on. So you got your study tools. This right here is just to module intro, so there’s not going to be much here. But if you see here, there’s two different tabs. The course tab that is going to be whatever lesson on that’s going to be the course tab. So this one happens to be respiratory lesson. So the course is going to be the entire respiratory. Um, a course. The reason why I said to make it your current study plan is
if you do that, if you click on study plan, this is going to be your study plan. And if it was still on the cardiac as your current study plan is going to be that cardiac study plan. So whatever study plan is your current study plan, that’s what’s going to be in this tab. So do you see now, um, you have your study plan and you can just click on the next lesson in here. Um, and you can watch all of the lessons for right here. You never have to leave this page. Um, make sure you’re utilizing these study tools. Um, you can, if you are on the unlimited plan, the best thing about that is you can actually download these Patho and cheat sheets and print them out and like make a little notebook, um, of them so you can take them to class and, and take notes on them.
So they’re super helpful. Um, again, if you’re on the unlimited plan and you can do that, uh, so make sure you’re utilizing these study tools and then also take advantage of these questions. Um, this is going to give you the rationales after each. Um, just go through here. After you’re done with the quiz, it’s going to give you the rationale as to why you got it right, why you got it wrong, and then make sure you’re really understanding. Um, was it the question? Was it, um, was it the content or was it the type of question? Did you not understand the Stada or whatever? So you see here it’s going to give you to say incorrect and it’s going to give you the rationale behind it.
So now that we’ve done that, anybody have any questions so far? Awesome.
So once you’ve gotten 80% or higher on these quizzes, you can actually master it. See, but I haven’t gotten 80% or higher. Um, so this will really keep track that you, hey, you are understanding this material. You’re ready to move onto the next, um, lesson. So you don’t have to master it. You can just come in and watch it, but it’s not going to keep track. It’s not going to let you, uh, see how this one I’ve mastered.
It’s not going to give you a check mark unless you get 80% on that quiz. All right? So let’s go back now to the dashboard. Once you have, um, completed your study plan, now what I would suggest doing before you go in to actually take your quiz. So say we just finished respiratory, we have a quiz on it in class and um, I want to go see if I really understand respiratory. Okay. So again, this is for unlimited users. So if you are free or 15, you’re not going to have access to the MPQ. But, uh, for unlimited, come into the MPQ, create a new quiz and come down here and select cardiac.
So Russell, or, sorry, respiratory my bed. So then you can select up to 50 questions. I’m just gonna leave it on five right now. But now let’s go ahead and start practicing. So for the MTQ, it’s basically just a quiz that you would get in class, but it’s just going to be about respiratory. Once you submit the answer, it’s going to give you the rationale. And again, make sure you’re understanding. Was it the content or was it the type of question it was. All right. So then down here it’s gonna, it’s gonna show you, um, how you stacked up against other users inside the academy or in our set g. And then you can also rate this question. You see two people don’t like it. Three people do. Um, so I mean that, that, all right, so then again, a soon as the answer, Dan, read the rationale. Let’s go to the next question. Sorry, I just want to get through this. I can show you guys, um, at the end, I don’t do so great. You look at my scores on side in our SMG, not the greatest here. All right, so last question, Santa.
All right, so now let’s go ahead and finish.
Um, once you’re done with the quiz, you can scroll down and you can actually view the quiz history. So let’s go ahead and review the exam. And again, you can, uh, view the rationale. Um, this one, of course, they’re all going to be respiratory and it’s also gonna show you the in cliques category right here. So again, you can come in here and review the quiz, the quiz right within here. All right, so now, hey, we’re ready for our test. We feel great. We’ve created the study plan and so on. So any, let’s just go ahead and review really quick. One thing that I did want to point out is if you guys are having trouble with the, the types of questions, the Satta and so on come into the courses. And I like plugged this all the time on the Facebook group and everything, but I strongly believe in this test taking, uh, for nurses.
And I suggest everybody going in there and just taking the entire test taking course. Um, I know you’re probably like, but I have all this other material I gotta learn. This will really help you though, uh, with goal setting. And, um, module two and three is all about the in cliques. Module three is going to give you those test taking strategies for sat questions. Absolute words opposite. We all know that those nursing questions are unlike any other, right? So this is a good place to start, especially if you’re a new or even if you’re, you know, a seasoned student inside the nursing program, you know, so just coming here note-taking, that’s really helpful as well. So I just want to plug that really quick. Um, something really valuable inside of NRS and g. So to review really quick, um, to create a study plan coming here, uh, as a free and $15 a month, uh, member, you can have three as an unlimited user.
You could have as many as you want. Um, create new study plan. The first search bar you got, title your study plan. The first search function is going to be specific. I like to copy and paste keywords on my Silva to a right here and find the lessons in there. For instance, hypertension, um, uh, sorry, hybrid. Um, for instance, hypertension. So pull up lessons that mentioned hypertension for it’s gonna give you a care plan. It’s going to give you also the lesson on hypertension. So make sure you always are clearing out your search fields. You can search by course, which is interested in g courses. Um, so select any course and then select the module that you’re interested in. Say feeding tubes. Hey, I’m skill checkoff on feeding tubes. I have a question. What should I search for? All right, so for management of care, one thing that you can search for, you know what?
Actually, let me help you find that. Let me talk to some other people about that. Um, and then help you do that. So I don’t waste time searching for stuff in here. Um, so if you email me, do you still have my email up here? Um, so contact an interest in g attention, Tammy right here. Um, if you can email me Brooklyn, I will, I will help you out and give you a detailed video and everything on that so I can give you really need to know information on that. Is that okay? Awesome. All right, so you’re welcome. Um, so search by module, um, search by course, search by module, and then if you’re a concept school, um, come down here and search by concept, um, that you are in or studying profusion and pharmacology, anything. Um, and then also by book, if you’re using one of these books that we have already tagged inside the interesting g, um, you can also do that. So fundamentals, say you’re on check there, a unit to health promotion and it’s gonna pull up every single lesson that we have in unit two in the ATI fundamentals. Um, if you don’t have time for this and you just want to use one of our premium study plans, that’s totally fine as well. Um, but make sure you are using one of these study plans. It’ll save you time in the long run. Um, does anybody have any other questions?
Uh, how do you create a study plan that focuses on nursing categories? So, um, what, um, is anyone like the man’s still working
maybe on the moon?
Can they read? Can they watch the videos after and uh, they are still working on trying to get the videos to replay later. But Christina, if you email me, I can also answer any of your questions. All you guys that are watching you want some help? Lee’s email me. Um, hold on. My screen looks different. I don’t have a testing center but have some flakes.
Um, thank you. Email please. Um, so here’s my email.
Uh, ex, uh, interest in gene tension. So that is my email, uh, for anybody that wants me to help them specifically, they can, uh, email me. They’re still by and I will help you out. All right, so in close categories, um, currently that you cannot create a study plan off of in clicks categories. Um, so what she’s talking about n she’s talking about like inside the MPQ and on the Sim clicks you can search by, uh, in collects category statistics and I’ll break it down by in clicks category kind of show you where you’re at for each one of those. So yes. Um, you cannot do that yet. Um, let’s see, what else, how do you create a and then it looks, yeah, so just, so the only thing that you can create study plans off of is by, um, these nursing category statistics. So, um, this is what you can create a study plans off of this.
Um, and what we tell people to aim for is between 55 and 60% in each one of these nursing categories. And if you’re not there, those are the nursing categories that you need to go back and focus on. Uh, so for instance, I am not good in anything so, so I would need to go back and revisit every single one of these nursing categories. Um, so 55, so if you see here, um, 55, so it’s going to give you a percentage right here. So if I’m at 27% on the in cardiac, so I’m 55 to 60% is just kind of the range that we found that students were being successful as they took the inclax if their between their above, well there’ll be nursing the calculation problems for study plans. Will there be nursing med calculation problems for study plans? Send us an email. Uh, yeah, with more info on that. And Donna, yes. Great question. Yeah, send me an email. Um, I will get that for you guys. So hold on. Will there be, um, let me see here. So you want a study plan?
Oh, so inside the state, actually let me come back here to um, southern plains courses. So inside the courses, the pharmacology course, I think this is what you’re talking about. Um, so we actually have a module all about, um, math for meds right here. So dimensional analysis is right here. Um, I think that’s what you’re talking about. Um, how’d you do ivy meds, et cetera. Yeah. So you’re going to want, so like I said, inside here, so let’s go back to study plans really quick. Um, create new, um, and then so you’re going to want, so you have kind of specific what you’re looking for. So come by course, go down to the pharmacology course, and then let’s go to module, uh, two math for meds. And then now you see all of the different lessons that we have for math, for meds. So you can select anything. So there’s IB infusions, there’s injectable. So all of these are just going to be, there’s dimensional analysis, basic calculations and so on. Is that what you’re talking about? And then you just need to save your study plan. Awesome. So then just save it. Let’s just say med math and then, um, saved study plan. And of course you can add more lessons to here. And then let’s make it our current and let’s go ahead and view the first lesson and that you go. So now you have the cheese, you have the video guidance. So on the overview NICU, watch the lesson from here. Does that answer your question, Donna? And the [inaudible].
Yeah. Cool. All right. Any more questions? All right, cool. So if you guys have any other questions and you would like to ask me, please feel free to reach out. My email again is above the chat. Um, and I had fun talking to you all today, but can I answer some of your questions? Huh? Thanks. Happy nursing
in session.