02.01 Neuro Assessment Module Intro

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Included In This Lesson


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to…

  1. Describe the 7 levels of consciousness (Normal, Confused, Delirious, Somnolent, Obtunded, Stuporous, Comatose)
  2. Discuss what assessments should be included in a routine neuro exam and how to perform them.
  3. Discuss what adjunct assessments can be added to a neuro exam, what they indicate, and how to perform them.
  4. Discuss the difference between Brain Death and Comatose and the implication on nursing practice.
  5. Explain the physiology of intracranial pressure and the implications of increased intracranial pressure.
  6. Discuss how to calculate cerebral perfusion pressure and its implications for nursing practice.