Post-Partum Assessment Nursing Mnemonic (BUBBLE)

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  • B-Breasts
  • U-Uterus
  • B-Bowels
  • B-Bladder
  • L-Lochia
  • E-Episiotomy-laceration/C-section – incision


Make sure to assess the following in patients postpartum: 1. Breasts – engorgement 2. Uterus -check for bogginess (firming up and dropping to original location) 3. Bowel- flatus, bowel movement, frequency 4. Bladder – note frequency and amount of urination. Patient may have a catheter, check for anything unusual like blood or sediment in urine. 5. Lochia – normal post-partum vaginal discharge, note color and amount 6. Episiotomy-laceration/C-section-incision – check for any signs that wound is not properly healing. (See acronym REEDA to assess episiotomy)

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