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Cleft Lip Repair – Post Op Care Nursing Mnemonic

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  • C-Choking
  • L-Lie on back
  • E-Evaluate Airway
  • F-Feed Slowly
  • T-Teaching
  • L-Larger nipple opening
  • I-Increased incidence in males
  • P-Prevent crust formation and aspiration


Cleft lip is a congenital slit in the skin above the lip, typically also associated with a cleft palate. The typical treatment is reconstructive surgery. Post op care includes monitoring for choking. Baby should lie on their back during sleep to prevent trauma to sutures. Make sure to evaluate the airway and ensure it is open and monitor for aspiration. Feed the baby slowly in an upright position with a larger nipple opening. Prevent crust formation. Lastly, provide teaching to parents regarding feeding and common care.