1.1% SODIUM FLUORIDE (SF) Nursing Considerations

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What is the Generic Name


What is the Trade Name for 1.1% SODIUM FLUORIDE


What is the Indication for 1.1% SODIUM FLUORIDE

  • INDICATIONS AND USAGE A dental caries preventive, for once daily self-applied topical use. It is well established that 1.1% sodium fluoride is safe and extraordinarily effective as a caries preventive when applied frequently with mouthpiece applicators. 1-4 SF 1.1% Brush-On Gel in a squeeze-tube is easily applied onto a toothbrush as well as a mouthpiece tray. This prescription dental gel should be used once daily following use of a regular toothpaste unless otherwise instructed by your dental professional. May be used whether or not drinking water is fluoridated since topical fluoride cannot produce fluorosis. (See WARNINGS for exception.)



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