00.01 Test Taking Course Introduction

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My name is Jon Haws RN. I am the founder of NRSNG.com and the creator of this Test Taking course.

I am so excited that you are taking this course as this is an area I am very passionate about. In my mind, nursing school is a lot like GI Joe always said, “Knowing is Half the Battle”

Knowing HOW to take tests, knowing HOW to study, and knowing WHAT the NCLEX is will pay dividends throughout your time in school, on the NCLEX, and as you begin working as a nurse.

I discovered the strategies I teach in this course during my first semester of nursing school. It became clear to me very quickly that I was facing a new enemy in nursing exams, they are unlike anything I had experienced to that point. I learned very early on that I was going to have to adjust my study methods and test taking strategies if I was going to survive.

Please don’t speed through this course. While it’s not covering the “fun” stuff (MedSurg, Critical Care, etc), applying these strategies will be of tremendous value.

One fallacy of nursing students is to avoid their weak areas and focus only on those areas they already understand. It’s hard to be honest with yourself and admit areas of weakness that you need to focus on to improve.

Don’t fall into this trap. Our goal with the NRSNG Academy overall, and with this course is to help you discover those areas where you need to focus to help you learn the content deeply.

I hope you enjoy this course and I am so excited on everything you are about to learn.

-Jon Haws RN 

I started NRSNG.com in 2014 with the goal of making the nursing journey more enjoyable for nursing students. After working as a nurse for about a year and precepting new nurses and students I realized there were some real gaps in the way students were being taught. At NRSNG, our mission is to provide the confidence and tools need for success in nursing school on the NCLEX and for life as a nurse.

I’ve worked in the Neuro ICU as a nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, and code team nurse.

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