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01.02 Study Setting

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In the previous module, we talked about time management and provided a handful of strategies to help you focus while you study.

One important element of effective study sessions is the environment in which you study.

Use this tool below from Oregon State University to evaluate where you are studying currently.

You can view and print this worksheet here:


Here are a few tips to improve your study session:

  • Quiet – make sure that your study area is quiet. Even the slightest noise might distract you from a train of thought.
  • Necessities – do you have access to necessities like food, water, and bathroom. The worst thing that can happen is that you get into a study groove and suddenly you need to pee . . . don’t let that happen.
  • Clean – have a clean study environment will allow your brain to feel clean and organized. If you are unable to clean an entire area at least clean a desk or tabletop in your immediate environment.
  • Temperature – make sure you can control the temperature or that the temperature is at a comfortable setting. You don’t want to be too warm or cold as you are trying to focus. Generally, it is a good idea to bring a sweater with you when you go up to a college campus.


The most important thing is that you plan your study sessions. This allows you to pick a location that you know will be conducive to you being able to focus and enjoy uninterrupted study time.

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