NURSING Live 2020 is postposed due to COVID-19 😥. . . more details will come in early April 2020. Join the waitlist for updates.



What is the nursing conference?

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Its a fact. Nursing School is HARD. And that's why every year, for the last 3 years, hundreds of the world's most incredible nursing students descend upon Allen, Texas (Dallas) to learn and get motivated by the Family.

Now, it's your turn.If you're a current nursing student, preparing for NCLEX, considering going to nursing school, or a nurse educator, The NURSING Conference is YOUR event. Welcome home.


"Joy In The Journey"

This year's conference is focused on all stages of the nursing journey.  From the moment you first consider being a nurse - to the day you clock out of your last shift. 

NURSING Live 2020 is postposed due to COVID-19 😥. . . more details will come in early April 2020. Join the waitlist for updates.

the experience

the nursing conferences

Actionable content

Hundreds of the world’s smartest nurses and nursing students return to The Nursing Conference for one reason: The Content.

The Nursing Conferences is 2 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts (and a few nurse celebrities) that have been in your shoes.

You’ll leave the conference with notebooks full of actionable strategies that you can apply the second you get to a computer.


Nursing school is hard. Sometimes it call feel like you are drowning.

That’s why we put people on stage who have actually done it. Hear the latest ideas, strategies, and insights from keynote speakers like Nurse Bass, Nurse Nacole, Jon Haws and many more.

You will leave feeling inspired, but more importantly, you’ll leave with a PLAN—a plan to reach your nursing goals.

networking and fun

With 500+ attendees, you’ll meet nurses and nursing students who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You’ll be among your people for a full two days, you'll be surrounded with the family of students and nurses.

You will leave with new mentors and support.

featured 2020 Speakers

Sessions cover topics for pre-nursing, nursing students, NCLEX prep, and nursing education. 

Jon Haws RN, BSN

Jon Haws, RN


Brad Bass, RN


Chance Reaves MSN, RN

Chance Reaves, RN

Nacole Riccaboni, RN



Jennifer Larson, RN


Marie Clark, RN


Ron Robertson

CEO Picmonic


Mercedes Wheeler, RN



Miriam Wahrman, RN

Mike Isaacs, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN (1)

Mike Isaacs, RN

Instructor at

nurse conference

Tammy Haws

amy wilson

Amy Wilson, RN

Nurse Educator Collin College

Conference Schedule

Pre-Event Party

VIP ticket holders, come hang out with, Speakers, and other attendees in a relaxed setting with cash bar.


  • 8:00am | Registration & Breakfast (provided by
  • 9:00am | Vendor Area Open
  • 11:00am | Welcome | Jon Haws, RN
  • 11:30am | "Confessions of a Trauma Junkie" | Mike Isaacs, MSN, RN, CEN
  • 12:15pm | Lunch & Vendor Area Open
  • 1:00pm | "Why New Nurses Are Quitting And How to NOT be One of Them" | Nacole Riccaboni, RN
  • 1:45pm | "Finding Joy in the Nursing Challenge" | Miriam Wahrman, MSN-Ed, RNC-MNN
  • 2:30pm | "How to Find Joy in the Journey Through Adversity" | Mercedes Wheeler, RN


Main Hall

  • 8:00am | Breakfast (provided by & Vendor Area
  • 9:00am | Welcome | Jon Haws, RN
  • 9:30am | "Time Management in Nursing School" | Amy Wilson, RN
  • 10:15pm | "Grinding for Goals" | Brad Bass, RN
  • 11:00am | "10 Memory Hacks for Nursing Students" | Ron Robertson
  • 11:45pm | Jennifer Larson, RN
  • 12:15pm | Lunch & Vendor Area
  • 1:30pm | "Untold stories of the OR" | Tammy Haws, CST
  • 2:15pm | "How To Save 4 Hours of Study Time Per Week for Students and Educators" | Sandra Haws
  • 3:00pm | "The S.O.C.K Method for Mastering Nursing Pharmacology" | Chance Reeves, MSN, RN
  • 3:45pm | Closing Thoughts | Jon Haws, RN

Test Taking Hall

  • 1:30pm | "9 Steps to Mastering Any Nursing School Test" | Jon Haws, RN
  • 2:15pm | "Can Joy Be Found In The NCLEX? Breaking Down THE Exam" | Marie Clark, RN, MNHP, C-MSRN
  • 3:00pm | "The Core Content Mastery Method Will Save Your Nursing Student Life" | Miriam Wahrman, MSN-Ed, RNC-MNN

NURSING Live 2020 is postposed due to COVID-19 😥. . . more details will come in early April 2020. Join the waitlist for updates.

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Join 500+ Nurses and Nursing Students

With over 500 attendees, NURSING LIVE is one of the largest nursing conferences in the United States. Whether you are a pre-nursing student, nursing student, or practicing nurse (educator) - this is where you want to be!