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10 Cancer NCLEX® Questions

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The nurse is working on an oncology unit with a client who is currently receiving chemotherapy, and is finishing a bed bath. What is the priority?

  • Question 2 of 10

The new graduate nurse on a surgical oncology floor is reviewing osteosarcoma signs and symptoms. Which of the following findings does the nurse review that can be seen in a client with osteosarcoma? Select all that apply.

  • Question 3 of 10

The oncology nurse is caring for a client with leukemia. The nurse knows that the purpose of chemotherapy in this client is for which reason?

  • Question 4 of 10

The oncology nurse is discussing the concept of survivorship with a client with cancer. Which of the following correctly describes when survivorship begins?

  • Question 5 of 10

A client who has recovered from cancer surgery requires lymphedema therapy. Which best describes an activity that would occur with this type of therapy?

  • Question 6 of 10

Which best describes the development of cachexia in a client with stomach cancer?

  • Question 7 of 10

A 29-year-old woman is being seen in the healthcare clinic after a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. The nurse knows that women from which ethnic background are at increased risk of developing breast cancer? Select all that apply.

  • Question 8 of 10

A client who has smoked cigarettes for 30 years is discussing health issues with a nurse. The nurse is advising the client about how quitting smoking can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Smoking is related to an increased risk of which of the following types of cancer?

  • Question 9 of 10

A nurse works on an interdisciplinary team to provide care for a client with lung cancer. The client is unable to effectively clear their airway. The nurse should ensure that which interdisciplinary team member is present to provide professional input?

  • Question 10 of 10

Which of the following drugs is an example of an antitumor antibiotic that may be given to a client with cancer?

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