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7 NCLEX® Heart Attack Questions

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A 56-year-old client is being seen at the primary care clinic for follow-up after having chest pain. The client tells the nurse, “I think I had a heart attack yesterday but it could have just been chest pain. It still hurts some, though.” The provider orders a troponin level and an ECG. Which response from the nurse is most appropriate?

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A client has a family history of myocardial infarction and has been experiencing multiple episodes of chest pain. The client is prescribed a medication to prevent heart attacks. Which of the following medications is appropriate for this condition?

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A 77-year-old client is seen in the ED for chest pain. The provider orders lab work to determine if damage has been done to the heart muscle. Which lab test is a cardiac enzyme that would be ordered to check for heart damage?

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A nurse in the emergency room has clients that are all complaining of pain. The nurse knows that the client having pain in which of the following areas is the priority?

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The nurse is admitting a client who states, “When I was pregnant I would get heartburn so bad, I was eating antacids like crazy. I now feel the same way, except I am not pregnant. The antacids aren’t helping me and now I have this pain between my shoulder blades.” Which part of this statement is most concerning and must be investigated further?

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The nurse is caring for a female client who is having an acute myocardial infarction. Which of the following symptoms is specific to females who are experiencing an MI?

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A nurse is caring for a client admitted for NSTEMI who suddenly goes unresponsive. The nurse notes no pulse, calls a code blue, and begins compressions. The provider arrives and orders a dose of epinephrine. What is the appropriate concentration and dose for this situation?

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