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- Danelle, Scrubcheats customer

Confidence in clinical - inside your pocket

Scrubcheats are pocket-sized, color-coded, nursing clinical cheatsheets created by ED/ICU nurses. They are designed for nursing students and nurses who want quick . access to clinical information without looking it up on a phone!

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About Scrubcheats

Born out of the need for quick access to critical information on the clinical floor when you might not have your phone close by, Scrubcheats are insanely durable, full color, pocket-sized nursing cheatsheets that fit right inside your scrubs.

Created by experienced ED and ICU NRSNG nurse educators.

From the creator

As a new nurse, I kept a notepad and sharpie in my front scrub pocket.

Every shift I would learn something or need some piece of information . . . that I didn’t have.

The notepad became my go-to cheat on the floor.

Eventually, I filled up the notepad and began taking notes on my ID badge.

You know what I realized?  I wasn’t the only one doing this.  In fact, most of the nurses and physicians I was working with had their own notepads.

Something clicked . . .

We were all writing down the same information, why not compile it all together in a beautiful, easy-to-use tool.

The idea for Scrubcheats was born.

When we set out to make the Scrubcheats, we started by asking ourselves;

“How can we make this the best clinical resource for nurses?”

That’s why it’s pocket-sized, color coded, includes premium videos, and waterproof.

The Scrubcheats include 56 beautifully designed cards with the “must-know” information for nurses.

-Jon Haws, RN

Confidence in clinicals

Don't get caught with your mouth down when your clinical instructor asks you a question.

Scrubcheats are perfect for clinical days, study sessions, and anywhere you go.

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