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For the 99% of nursing students who hate reading textbooks

A supplemental learning platform to help you fill in the gaps, increase understanding, and conquer feelings of overwhelm in nursing school.
Trusted by 270,000+ current and future nurses.

"Once I started using, I didn’t open a book."

28% of nursing students never graduate.
But why?

You have so much to learn in nursing school, it feels overwhelming . . . like you’re drowning

You search for anything to help fill in the gaps . . . so you download yet another app, highlight another chapter, read another powerpoint . . .

. . . and your grades still drop 💣


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Our students improve their lowest grade by 15% or more

Concise Video Courses

Cut the fluff and fill in the gaps with clear and concise video lectures by practicing nurses.

Visual Study Tools

Unlock the master key to nursing school with thousands of visual study tools like cheat sheets and Picmonics.

NCLEX® Practice Questions

Practice over 6,000+ high yield NCLEX® style questions written by nurses who are NCSBN® trained question writers.

Custom Study Plans

Boost your exam scores with study plan playlists made just for you.

Supportive Community

When you join you become part of the Nursing Family. The most supportive nursing cohort on the planet.

Mobile App

Take your studies anywhere with the included mobile app.

Clear, Concise, Visual Video Courses

"How did Jenny score a 95% on the last exam?"

The answer: She's using videos to supplement the classroom with clear, concise, and to-the-point lectures taught by practicing nurses.

Our process

Each 10 minute lesson takes over 12 hours to create. We do the hard work - so you can focus on learning.

Our unique teaching method called the Core Content Mastery Method is built around four innovative techniques that help nursing students master content faster and in a more engaging way.

All educators complete extensive training on the Core Content Mastery Method™, and every lesson goes through a rigorous 3-step approval process before you see it!

Whether you are in a flipped classroom, concept based program, or whatever, is so easy to navigate that you can jump right in and start learning.

Prefer audio? With the included mobile app, you can listen to lessons as audio lectures right from your phone.

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Sample video

Sample cheatsheet

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Included courses (over 1,500+ lessons)

Visual Study Tools

Reinforce mastery with visual learning tools for every learning style

Each lessons includes quick access to learning tools like nursing cheatsheets, care plans, downloadable notes and more. Make the material stick like glue with over 2,000+ resources.

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NCLEX® Style Practice Questions
NPQ - Nursing Practice Questions®

Unlock better exam scores with 6,000+ NCLEX® style practice questions

Walk out of the NCLEX® feeling like you just took a first grade spelling test.

They say practice makes perfect. You don't become a professional athlete the first time you step on a field and you don't become a pro at NCLEX® questions the first time you answer a question.

Our question team of research analysts and NCSBN® trained NCLEX® question writers have spent years developing over 6,000+ practice questions (we call it NPQ or Nursing Practice Questions) covering the most high yield topics you need to know for the NCLEX®.

With 6,000+ questions you could spend over 200 hours just taking practice questions without a single repeat!

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Why do nursing students love NPQ?

Customize Your Study Plans

Now, you can finally feel organized with study plans made just for you

The exclusive study plan builder inside lets you hand select lessons that align with your syllabus, textbooks, or study needs.

In as little as 28 seconds you can create a personalized learning experience with concepts you are covering in class. It's really that simple.

You can also choose one of our pre-made study plans or filter lessons by popular nursing textbooks to create a study plan based on your assigned readings. study plans

The Worlds Most Supportive Community For Nursing Students

The most supportive nursing cohort on the planet . . . #nursingfamily

When you join it means you join the Nursing Family and get access to our private Facebook group.

It's a positive place where we encourage and lift each other up. Chat with other members, make friends, and gain the support you need to keep going!

Study "On-The-Go" Mobile App

Every moment becomes a learning opportunity

Your time is precious as a nursing student. With the included mobile app you can take advantage of "down time" by reviewing lessons, taking questions, or viewing cheatsheets.

Do you prefer audio? Now you can listen to lesson audio on the app while you drive or workout. app

The "old" way

With review

"I've seen my grades shoot through the roof, and the time I spend studying has literally cut in half."

Clyde, Nursing School Graduate

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Try Yourself, 100% Risk Free

"But . . . I don't have the TIME!"

I know what you're thinking . . .

"This all sounds great, but how am I going to add ANOTHER study resource into my schedule when I already don't have the time to finish all the required readings."

You see, I know how much can improve your grades BUT I also know just how much time it can save you in the process.

And I hate the idea of someone not taking advantage of because they think they don't have the time to implement it.

Because of this, I sat down with over 200 random users and asked them:

1) How many hours of study time does save you per week?

2) How often do you use your nursing textbooks during a study week?

What we found was that the average student saves over 4+ hours of study time PER WEEK while using and the majority of students basically stop using their textbooks altogether.

You might feel like you are drowning right now - but the solution is right here.

Join today, give it a week, and let us prove to you how much easier life can be! review

"I've seen my grades shoot through the roof, and the time I spend studying has literally cut in half."

Clyde, Nursing School Graduate