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From pre-nursing to NCLEX® success, provides clear and concise study tools for visual, anxious, ADHD, and dyslexic future nurses. Trusted by over 360,000+ future nurses.

Students improve their lowest grade by

Students have a NCLEX® pass rate

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Too many nursing students are struggling . . . so we made it easier

BEFORE "I was discouraged and confused, wondering if I was even cut out to be a nurse."
AFTER "I am motivated and passionate. Everything is so clear and concise. I know I can do this!"

"I went from a discouraged, stressed, cried every single week nursing student to . . . motivated and passionate . . . was just so much easier."

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Mercedes, RN

"Thank you so much for yanking me out of the quick sand and making me successful. I wish I had started this day 1 of nursing school."

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Gina, RN

"I've seen my grades shoot through the roof, and the time I spend studying has literally cut in half." review

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The OLD way of struggling through nursing school and NCLEX® Prep Isn't working

Nursing school is hard. You've probably already tried it all - your professors PowerPoints, textbooks, YouTube, apps, social "influencers" . . . yet, you're still struggling.

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Sound familiar?


Luckily, There is a better way . . . 🎉

And it's easy to get started. Just follow these 4 easy steps: is the only thing you need to excel in nursing school and pass the NCLEX® . . . all in one place, lectures, study tools, questions, NCLEX® prep, and more.

STEP 1: watch lesson videos

Clear, Concise, and Visual Lessons by World-Class Practicing Nurses

Each 10 minute lesson takes over 12 hours to create. We do the hard work - so you can focus on learning. videos
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visual study resources and cheatsheets
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STEP 2: review study tools

Master complex topics with visual Study tools for every learning style

Every nursing student is unique in how they prefer to learn. That's why lessons include visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing study tools to help you master content - the way YOU prefer to learn.

To help you apply new knowledge, many lessons also have care plans, case studies, and concept maps written by practicing ED/ICU nurses.

Most Popular Study Tools



Nursing Care Plans

STEP 3: take practice questions

remove test anxiety With Visual practice questions

Custom NCLEX® quiz builder with rationales that match your learning style. NPQ (Nursing Practice Questions)® includes 6,000+ practice questions with a customizable NCLEX quiz builder to help you pass, with ease, the first time!

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STEP 4: take NCLEX® simulation

Guarantee NCLEX® success with Our Computer Adaptive Simulator, "SIMCLEX®"

Walk Out of the NCLEX® Exam Feeling Like You Just Took an Elementary School Spelling Test. SIMCLEX® is 100% fully computer adaptive just like NCLEX®.

Unlike other "adaptive" exams that just give you 100 questions and rationales (ummm that's not adaptive) and tell you a chance of passing NCLEX® - SIMCLEX® actually adapts on the fly.

The test will end when it determines if you passed or failed (like the real thing) and provide you a graph of you progress by question as well as adaptive study suggestions.

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Our Famous (Semi-Crazy) 200% NCLEX® Pass Money-Back Guarantee

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review Terms of Use for full details).

On average, Students Improve their lowest Grade by 12 points and have a 99.86% NCLEX® pass rate . . .

All while saving an average of 4 hours of study time PER WEEK. It's a no-brainer. Improve your grades, pass the NCLEX®, and get your life back.

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Used By Over 360,000+ Top Nursing Students At . . .

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The Best Part? Our Famous (Semi-Crazy) 200% NCLEX® Pass Money-Back Guarantee!

If you pass a SIMCLEX® and don’t pass the NCLEX ® we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review Terms of Use for full details).

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Try Yourself, 100% Risk Free

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