Ep004: Identify Tasks for Delegation Base on Patient Needs

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  • NCSBN Delegation | ANA: Developing Delegation Skills
  • You will be responsible for delegating tasks to others; nursing assistants, other nurses, and so forth
  • Not all tasks are appropriate to delegate
    • You can only delegate tasks for which you are responsible for
    • Even after you have delegated a task, you are still ultimately responsible for it.  The person delegated to also assumes some responsibility, but it ultimately goes back to you.
  • Make sure the person you’re delegating tasks to has had the appropriate training, skills, and experience before having them complete tasks independently and unsupervised
  • Right task (for example, removing a foley)
  • Right circumstances (is the patient stable?  Is it a routine removal?)
  • Right person (is it the correct person to delegate this task to?)
  • Right direction or communication (are you communicating expectations clearly?)
  • Right supervision or feedback (do you need to supervise directly, or someone else? Is this someone else qualified to do so?  Do they know what complications to report to you?)
  • The nurse practice act, your state’s limitations, and your facility’s policies and procedures all can dictate which tasks you can delegate and who you can delegate to
  • Communication is vital: use the 5 rights of delegation
  • Follow up to make sure the task was completed appropriately
  • Evaluate effectiveness of staff members’ time management skills

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