Ep011: Patient Rights: Discuss Treatment Options with Patient

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  • Discuss treatment options with the health care team and make sure you understand them fully, then the physician (or support staff) will present to the patient
    • The patient and their support system may have few questions when they hear the options initially, and many more later as they have had time to think about things.  Continually answer questions and reinforce.
  • The patient always has the right to refuse treatment/procedures
    • The Patient Bill of Rights must be posted in the building in a visible area or in their admission paperwork; make sure they have a copy and understand their rights
    • There is a Patient Bill of Rights and rights for the mentally ill (the Mental Health Systems Act)
    • Patients have the right to be informed, refuse treatment, privacy, clear communication, respectful care, right to health care, right to know their health care team, autonomy over health care essentially
      • Handful of others: make sure you’re familiar
    • Make sure they fully understand potential outcomes if they want to exercise this right
    • Document appropriately
    • Provide education to patients and staff about client rights and responsibilities
    • Evaluate client/staff understanding of patient’s rights
  • This is not always obvious; some patients may say yes, but not really understand
  • Don’t just hand them written material and assume they know what’s going on

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