Ep016: Manage Conflict Among Patients and Staff

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        • The nurse is at the bedside with the patient 24 hours/day and they typically feel most comfortable with their nursing staff.  Therefore, if a problem or personality conflict arises, the patient will most likely verbalize this to the nurse and look for guidance
        • Find the balance of supporting the patient, making them feel heard, but not throwing your team members under the bus
          • Listen to concern, take appropriate action if necessary
            • Follow up with team member that is involved in conflict, communicate any concerns
            • Involve administration if necessary (nurse manager, team member’s manager)
          • Don’t cut down others or place blame
          • Handle in a professional manner
          • If any correction or restitution is needed, ensure that it is provided
            • For example, if patient ordered food 3 hours ago and never received it, make sure you follow up and get them something to eat

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