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Ep051: Implement Seizure Precautions for At-risk Patients

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  • Many disease processes can put patients at an increased risk for seizures
    • Brain injury or trauma
    • Drugs, medication
    • Withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs
    • Fevers
    • History seizure activity
    • See this list from John Hopkins about various causes of seizures
  • Patients can experience a seizure with little to no warning
  • Must provide a safe environment should this event occur, therefore all patients at risk for seizures should have precautions in place
  • Hospitals will have policies that outline specifics.  These most likely will include, but are not limited to:
    • Padded side rails
    • All 4 side rails up
    • Suction MUST be set up and ensure that it works appropriately
    • Ambu bag must be nearby

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