Grieving with the Family – Murse Clyde Interview Part 1

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We really enjoyed getting a chance to interview Murse Clyde.  In this first part of the interview, we discuss caring for family members and connecting with them.  We discuss the realities of caring for patient’s families during times of Covid.

Then we pivot slightly and discuss burnout and how to avoid burnout while still being about to show compassion.

Clyde shares a really touching story of caring for a patient and the family during Covid.

And here are some thoughts shared.

“You’re told to separate yourself.  When the patient dies, your work isn’t done.  Now you turn your attention to the family.  They need that touch, you know that human interaction.”
“Create connection, it’s ok.  It’s ok to be human, It’s ok to cry with your patient I’ve cried with patients before.”

“Yeah, oh, I was in tears that day when I was there with her.”

Don’t forget to be human.

Now go out and be your best self today and as always Happy Nursing!

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