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Wanted to give you a quick into to a new side website to help keep your motivation up right now.  It’s

This winter spring of 2020 has been one of the most challenging that humanity around the world has experienced in an incredibly long time and will likely be one of the most trying times that we experience in modern history. This is a once in a hundred years type of tragedy type of trauma pandemic that we’re going to see during our lifetimes and over the same amount of time, you know, we’ve learned the importance of pulling together as, as humans. The world has seen the courage, the strength, the resilience of nurses, but along with that has come a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, a lot of fears. As we talk to nursing students and nurses throughout the world, we keep hearing of this stress how real it is for many nurses to this. They’re not even sure if they’re going to be able to graduate.

They from one day to the next we’re faced with the inability to complete clinical hours from one day of the next, they were faced with the inability to take their in clicks. And that created an enormous amount of fear of anxiety. And so we spraying into action as a company immediately, I showed up to work. And actually I was out of town when this really kind of hit the United States. And so I called my VP of engineering and I said, Hey, I think we need to send the whole team remote. And so he worked with the team to get everybody remote. That was the last day we’ve seen each other in face that was, or in person that was back in March mid-March. And then I got him on the phone the next day. I said, man, I think we need to open up the academy and donate memberships to our, our platform for free to nursing schools who are impacted by closures.

And we said, let’s do this until May 15th and not a single person in the company pushed back and said, well, what about revenue? What are we gonna do about money? How’s that going to impact us? They immediately turned to the student, to the faculty, to the future nurse who was stressed about their ability to even finish. And so on about May 4th or March 14th, I believe we said let’s make, was donate accounts to nursing schools impacted by closures due to coronavirus. And, and since that time, we’ve given away 46,000 accounts to nursing students at schools that have been impacted. And that’s been an incredible experience to watch and to listen to these schools as professors nursing, professors scramble to figure out how they’re going to educate their students, how they’re going to provide clinical experiences, how they’re going to do this whole online thing.

And, and that’s exactly what we’re prepared for to help with. And so since that time, we’ve been very blessed and very grateful to be able to donate 46,000 plus accounts to the nursing students at schools that have been closed due to COVID-19. We also released a clinical nursing clinical 360 course, which has 37 hours of case studies, bunch of skills, videos, I V stuff, nursing care plans. And we’ve donated that and open that up for free. That’s free to everybody of everybody. And then we started hearing that, well, now nursing students are beginning to enter the floor or they’re being called up to help. And so we said, okay, we made our Ivy course completely free. We’ve also been donating pizzas to hospitals because we kept hearing of this stress, this fear, this anxiety, you know, of taking care of these patients and then going home to family.

And we continue to think, what more can we do? How can we help? As a little tiny company of just 14, 15 people, how can we help? So we started donating pizza to night shift nurses giving them a chance to kind of take a break, hopefully from the stress, have a little pizza. It’s not much, but it’s something. And then we also ran a campaign with our audience and together with our items, we donated about $3,000 to the world health organization to help with their fight against the COVID-19 and all that’s good. And we’re proud of all that. We’re very proud of all that to be able to help out and do what we can. But that stress was still there. And we kept hearing that. We kept hearing professors saying, you know, we want a way to help our students get their stress off of what’s going on.

We kept hearing nursing students saying, you know, I’m trapped at home. And I, I want to study, but it’s just so overwhelming. I need a break. And so last week Thursday, last week we launched the website, happy It’s just happy You guys know in all of our videos and all of our podcasts. We end everything with go out and be your best self today, happy nursing. Cause we truly believe that. And so on the, what would it have been, I guess, about the 2nd of April, we launched the website, happy and hold on, let me get a drink of coffee real quick.

And what that website is intended to be is intended to be a place where you can just go and we put some of our, our most popular motivational videos or most popular motivational podcasts and some of the top social posts and blogs and stuff that we’ve done to serve as an inspiration. There’s no login required. There’s nothing you can purchase. There’s nothing you can download. There’s nothing other than the ability to just go in there and watch some media clips and audio, and just kind of take your mind off of all the stress that’s going on, but to still kind of keep yourself involved with what’s going on in nursing and still feel like you’re kind of involved with that group and that, that environment, but not so deep in the stress of nursing, especially now with COVID-19. So if you go over to their happy, I would, I would encourage you to go over there and spend some time bookmark it on your phone, bookmark it on your browser and just spend some time there again, we’re not asking, there’s nothing you can buy there.

There’s nothing you can download. There’s nothing you can sign up for. There’s no request for an email address or anything like that. This is truly just a place where you can go and see some of our, our most motivational content. I kind of went through all of our podcasts, all of our videos and pulled out those ones that seem to kind of share an inspirational motivational message, but also that I thought you guys could go and spend some time there. So I hope that helps out you guys, we’re all going through this together. This is incredibly challenging. It’s challenging for me. Not being in school is challenging for me working from home homeschooling. So the way my wife and I do it is I take the kids in the morning from seven to noon. And I’m the PE teacher quote unquote. So spend some time with them doing workouts or doing a craft or something like that.

And then beginning at noon, my, my, my wife does the homeschool and, and spend some time there with them. And then about eight o’clock, nine o’clock, we both log on to spend a few more hours working. So that’s kind of how we’re handling it. It was novel. It was fun, not fun. It was, it was a new experience at first and now, yeah, it has been really challenging. But it’s been enjoyable to spend more time with my kids, get to know them better. They’ve actually kind of started getting along a little bit better, but trying to continue that separation of work and home has been very challenging, especially given how much we want to do and how much we want to be involved in the middle of all this. But I do want you guys to know that we’re there with you.

We’re working through this and, and you have this, this group of people [email protected] who care deeply about you and who want to see you succeed. And we know that that’s, this has added an additional challenge there, nursing school, isn’t easy becoming a nurse. Isn’t easy being a nurse isn’t easy, and this has only made it that much more difficult, but please know that we’re, we got your backs and you have an army of, of professors and nursing students and members of this nursing family who got your back as well, and who want to see you succeed. If anything, we need more nurses now more than ever. And please know that we will get through this. I can’t tell you when I can’t tell you how I’m and I can’t tell you it’s going to be good. I think it’s going to be tragic.

The number of people we’re going to lose and, and the toll it’s going to take on the economy and the toll it’s going to take on our mental health, but we will eventually get through this. And I hope that we, as a nursing family come out stronger. I hope we continue to build each other up, especially over in our Facebook group. And I hope that we continue to, to grow strong and, and have each other’s backs and lift each other up. We will get through this. And I do want you guys to know that we, we love you. I just want to pop on here real quick and just let you know about that. Happy If you head over there, you can access it right now. It’s just, it’s got maybe six or seven videos, maybe I think six podcasts and several social posts and stuff, but I wish there was more we could do, you know, I I’m, I’m naturally an introvert but as we go out to these conferences and as we hold our conferences, the ability to talk to you guys and, and give you hugs and, and hear your stories and share our story with you has been such an incredible experience over the last couple of years.

And it has been hard not being able to do that. I do really enjoy doing that. So whenever this all ends, we’ve already been talking. We need to have a big bash, you know, a big bash, bring everybody together and just talk about where we’re at and move forward and close this chapter and move on. So know that we love you guys know that we want you to succeed. We got your backs. We’re in your corner. If you need anything, please reach out to us as always. And like we always say, guys, go out and be your best selves, happiness.

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