JRMC School of Nursing Review

JRMC School of Nursing

The Jefferson Regional Medical Center, (JRMC) School Of Nursing

Founded in 1973, JRMC was established as a not-for-profit, privately owned regional hospital in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Aside from fostering competent nurses who are able to deal with a variety of health issues…JRMC school of nursing helps ignite your passion for helping people.

They don’t just help you pass your exams and graduate.

They help you see patients as people…arouse your desire to live a purposeful life and get the personal fulfillment of being a caregiver.

I believe that to be a real nurse you’ve got to genuinely care about the well-being of the people that you’re called to serve.

That… I believe… is the key to being a successful nurse and gaining lifelong satisfaction from your career.

JRMC school of nursing is a fully accredited health education institution that’s recognized nationally, so you can rest easy knowing your qualifications are legally recognized.

Some of the boards that have accredited and licensed it, include the:

  • Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)
  •  American Board of Pathologists (CAP)
  •  Arkansas Department of Health
  •  Arkansas Board of Pharmacy
  • Commission on Laboratory Accreditation and more.

Click here to see JRMC full list of licensing and accreditations.

JRMC Nursing Program and Curriculum

The main goal of JRMC school of nursing is to produce nursing graduates who can competently practice nursing in both the hospital and other health care environments.

As long as you qualify, you’re free to enroll into their nursing program regardless of age and gender.

It’s a 17- month long nursing program which upon graduating, you’ll be awarded an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree. 

Which is recognized by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.The nursing program you go through at JRMC is designed to prepare you for RN licensure and passing the NCLEX exam.

To graduate, you need to complete their curriculum delivered over 79 weeks i.e.:

  • General education, 27 credits
  • Nursing coursework, 45 credits

That means you need a total of 72 credits to graduate…but that’s not why most JRMC school of nursing graduates love their nursing program.

They love it because unlike larger universities…where you can pretty much remain strangers with everyone, it has a much smaller feel…about 60-70 undergrads per class.

That means you get to be a part of a tight-knit community, build lasting friendships and support systems that will help you get through the tough times…which is so underrated.

It’s even one of the biggest lessons I learned after quitting nursing school…but that’s a story for another day.

What’s more, unlike the national 21:1 student to faculty ratio, JRMC offers an 8:1 student/faculty ratio. 

That means getting the kind of one-on-one attention that you could only dream of in larger universities. Moreover, after admission, you’re given a warm welcome by your instructors.

For instance, the head director has been known to have an open-office policy, and sometimes she’ll even check up on her students…how cool is that?

Applying For Admission At JRMC

JRMC school of nursing only accepts new students twice a year i.e. January & July. But you have to apply early enough because they have a tight deadline:

  • 1st November for January intake, and
  • 15th May for July intake

When you apply, your application is going to be reviewed by the Admissions, Promotion, Recruitment and Graduation (APRG) committee before a decision is made.

Being one of the best nursing schools in Arkansas…you can bet the selection process is not only rigorous but very competitive.

That’s because they have a limited class size and can only accept a given number of students per class to be able to provide the best learning experience.

JRMC school of nursing does this by using a pre-defined scoring system to select potential students. Their selection system is based on your;

  • Academic background,
  • ATI TEAS® score,
  • College GPA, and
  • High School GPA.

PS: Unfortunately, the school isn’t SEVIS certified i.e. they don’t have a Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS).

Which means they can’t accept international applicants with Student Visas or non-US citizens.

JRMC School of Nursing Address & Contact Details

According to the School of Nursing, if you want to apply for admission or make inquiries you should use the following information to get in touch:

Of course, there’s always someone available during business hours to help new and continuing students as well as their families with their inquiries.

JRMC School Of Nursing Admission Requirements

It’s important you remember that JRMC will ONLY review applications that are completed in full.

Moreover, all the documents, forms and information you provide during your application can’t be forwarded or returned because they become school property.

I’m sure I don’t need to say this…but I will.

Don’t provide any false information on your application. Doing so will not only reflect poorly on your character but will get your application rejected.

Last but not least, don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s…that means dating and signing all your forms and documents wherever you’re required.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete your application at JRMC school of nursing:

  1. Duly filled and completed admission form.
  2. Official G.E.D or high school transcript (sent from your high school)
  3. Official transcripts of courses completed in college (sent from your college)
  4. A minimum test score of 60 on the ATI TEAS® test.
  5. If you’re a non-native English speaker, then you’ll need a TOFEL certificate.

The JRMC Application Process

  1. You need to complete your application in handwriting.
  2. Fill out the school of nursing applicant rationale form and describe your reasons for choosing JRMC’s nursing programme.
  3. Have your high school send over your transcripts or G.E.D’s score…stamped by the institution’s seal… to the School of Nursing for review.
  4. Get official transcripts from each of the colleges you’ve attended.
  5. Mail or bring copies of your ATI TEAS® test scores when applying.
  6. A copy of the TOFEL certification is required for students whom English isn’t their first language.
  7. $35 application fee payable after you complete your application

What Should You Expect on Admission?

  1. Having been accredited and licensed by several bodies, JRMC has very strict requirements for both returning and new students. That means, you should:
    • Undergo a background check that will cost you $42
    • A rapid response drug test that will cost you about $41 – The test is done at Healthcare plus, located in Suite G-1 at I-530 Medical Mall, 4747 Dusty Lake Drive…but you must call the school office to get a time slot. In case of a positive result because of medication you’re taking, your sample will be sent off for a second review.
  2. It will cost you an extra $41, so you should be upfront about any medication you’re taking beforehand to avoid paying the fee.
  3. Have a minimum ATI TEAS® test score of 60. If you haven’t taken the test, you can take it at SEARK testing site on Wednesdays between 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM for $70…but you must register for it here at least 24 hours before taking the test.
  4. Bring copies of your immunization records including proof of;
    • MMR vaccines/titres,
    •  Varicella X 2,
    • Hepatitis B vaccine,
    • Annual flu shot, and
    • TB skin test.
  5. Have a CPR certification card awarded by the American Heart Association. If you aren’t already certified, JRMC offers a class on CPR which you can get certified by paying $45 (cash).

All this is done during orientation, so it’s important you clear your schedule so that you’re available throughout the entire process. Aside from these, you’ll also be prepared to;

  • Get fitted for your uniform and
  • Take a basic math exam.

How Much Does it Cost to Study at JRMC School of Nursing?

As of writing this…in 2021…the Jefferson Regional Medical Center School of Nursing tuition and fees is $11,530 for their 79-week nursing program. The amount caters for the following:

  • Tuition
  • Health insurance
  • Laboratory fees
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Travel
  •  $475 for RN licensure

That said, most of the enrolled students…about 70%…have received scholarships or grants with the average financial aid amount being approximately $3,713.

Getting Financial Aid & Scholarships

Most of the scholarships and financial aid awarded to the students are provided by the private sector or the state of Arkansas. To apply for financial aid:

Having difficulty deciding on which financial aid is right for you? Feel free to contact the Financial Regulatory Service Coordinator using the following information:

Name: Judy Stott

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (870) 541-7858

Applying for The Stafford Loan at JRMC school of nursing

There are 3 main steps you have to go through to apply for federal financial aid:

Step 1: Start by submitting an application at FAFSA.

It’s a portal created by the Department of Education for online applications which is a requirement for students looking for financial aid from the federal government.

Be sure to use the code 016498 for JRMC school of nursing when applying, and once you’re done the information is sent to their offices.

Step 2: If you’re a first-time Stafford loan applicant, then you need to first complete an Entrance Counselling session online.

It will take you about half an hour to complete and guides you through the process of applying for a loan.

Step 3: First time Stafford Loan borrowers are required to visit the Department of Education’s online portal to apply for it and sign the Master Promissory Note.

Getting a Scholarship

As an JRMC school of nursing student, you’ll be able to access several scholarship options, as long as you meet the requirements.

You can find and apply for scholarships on the following websites:

Online Scholarships

Scholarships for Arkansas Residents

Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Scholarships for Veterans



JRMC School Reviews: What Current Students and Alumni are Saying About The School?

From Niche

When being admitted you are being judged on whether you can pass the NCLEX. This shouldn’t even be allowed. Then when seeing students struggling no help offered. Just a lecture about how disappointed they are. If you are not great at testing this place will make it worse.

Niche User, April 6, 2020

This school puts on a good front in the beginning. The instructors act like they care & are very helpful in the beginning. But as your time goes on this is not the case. 1-2 instructors truly do care, but the rest do not. Favoritism is high in this school. Things will be said, then that rule doesn’t apply to certain students. Instructors will gossip about students. The director is clueless to what is going on and will always take the instructors back without looking into a situation, so there is no need in even trying. Students have been caught cheating and nothing happened to them because they were one of those favorites. The academics are not presented well. Anyone can stand up front and read a PowerPoint. And that is what is done here. Very few instructors actually teach. This is more of a self-taught program. This program also has many changes that are stressful to students through the year. They change curriculum in the middle of the program. Don’t waste your time here

Graduate Student, September 11, 2019

I love the smaller feel this school has vs a larger university where most remain strangers. The instructors are kind and welcoming. The head director truly cares about the students and wants to see us succeed. She visits the classrooms often and her office is always open. I also like the fast track option even though it requires a fuller schedule!

Junior, Dec 29 2017

Financial aid is complicated due to the year round structure. The instructors can be a bit over involved, and gossipy. There are a lot of “surprises” that should be disclosed at the beginning of the program as some are quite costly.

College SeniorFeb 16 2013

The Verdict on JRMC School of Nursing

Strictly going by some of the reviews, it leaves a lot to be desired of the school. However, there are also some upsides to taking the JRMC nursing program.

Overall, considering that the school is accredited and licensed by nearly a dozen institutions, then they have to be doing something right.

That said, going from the nearly non-existent reviews about the school online it leaves a lot to the imagination and I wouldn’t want that to influence my overall opinion about the school.

Struggling to Get Accepted at JRMC School of Nursing?

Unfortunately, more than 34% of nursing school applications are rejected every year.

Thanks to the stiff competition of top-tier nursing schools, it’s getting harder and harder for future nurses…like you…to get their application accepted.

Unless you’ve prepared thoroughly, it really sucks when you don’t hear back from your dream nursing school or when you get a rejection email.

Most of the time, after getting rejected again and again, you start to doubt whether you have what it takes to become a registered nurse.

Here at NURSING.COM, we get rid of the guesswork, the doubt and help you get accepted into your dream nursing school.

At Nursing.com, we pride ourselves for providing a premier pre-nursing and nursing education.

We provide the necessary tools to get you that acceptance letter you’ve been dreaming about. We do this by offering:

  •  Hundreds of high quality, and concise video lectures on every subject you’ll cover in your nursing coursework to help you learn fast.
  • Customizable study plans that can be easily modified to match your study requirements as well as fill in the gaps.
  • Multimodal content like mnemonics, flash cards, cheat sheets and more to help you to instantly remember important concepts.
  • Access 500+ HESI® A2 or TEAS® exam practice questions that will help you walk out of the testing site confidently.
  • Get access to our FREE NCLEX® exam preparation program that will give you the confidence to get licensure and become a RN.
  •  3rd party storage integration options e.g. DropBox & Google Drive that allow you to easily store and access all of your lecture materials, files and notes.
  • Scoring reports that instantly show you knowledge gaps and give you study recommendations to help you improve.
  •  “Nursing Family”- get access to a private community of fellow student and graduate nurses on Facebook that are eager to help and are rooting for your success.
  • Nursing mobile app that allows you to study and listen to lecture videos wherever you are…while driving, riding a train, walking or even relaxing.

All of our supplementary nursing education tools and resources are developed to be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re struggling with:

  •  Visual Impairment
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD & Dyslexia
  • Reading impairment
  •  Need more testing time

We created our tools to help you overcome on-the-job challenges, maintain your sanity and become a certified nurse. But that’s not all.

We don’t just prepare you for school but for what comes next…passing your NCLEX® exam. We created our FREE NCLEX® Prep program to help you pass on your first try by:

  • Identifying your knowledge gaps and sending you customized study recommendations to help you strengthen your weak areas.
  • Giving you a platform where you can take an unlimited number of practice tests to help you eliminate exam jitters and gain the confidence to succeed
  •  Providing detailed, easy to digest answers to your questions and feedback on your incorrect answers
  • Offering self-paced, bite-sized lessons that allow you to proceed at your own speed…no pressure.

We also provide 3 different study modes that are perfectly designed to test your progress. You can try the:

  • Drill mode to build up your confidence and endurance by answering questions in rapid succession without getting interrupted. Or,
  • Study mode that gives you targeted, laser focus on a particular area or subject and is completely customizable.
  • Review mode that allows you to instantly fact-check your answers and keep you on top of your game and give you the confidence to succeed.

But there’s more….

We don’t just stop at teaching…we are committed to your success. That’s because I was once in your shoes and have first-hand experience on how brutal nursing school can be.

You’re constantly dealing with tight deadlines, hundreds of pages of course work, clinicals, exams, etc. on top of your everyday struggles.

It can be nerve-wracking, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re on the verge of losing your sanity.

You’ll feel like quitting more than a few times…I know I did…heck, I even quit nursing school …for a year.

When people talk about nursing school, they don’t talk about having a great experience. They usually talk about how they were pushed to their limits. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After graduating from nursing school and becoming a RN, I created NURSING.COM to help other nursing students…who are going through the same thing I did…get certified.

Since then, we’ve helped 300,000+ students get certified with a 99.86% NCLEX® pass rate. But that’s the cherry on the cake.

Our biggest achievement and goal to date is to help future nurses…like you… to unleash your potential, achieve your dreams and get certified.

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