NCLEX 3500 Free Practice Questions

nclex 3500 free questions

You can never take enough practice NCLEX questions.

The problem most students find is that you quickly run out of good questions. . . . after taking all the review questions in the book it can be hard to find additional items.

NCLEX 3500  (we call it NPQ – Nursing Practice Questions) is a database of over six thousand questions you can view here.

Start Practicing From NCLEX 3500:


nclex 3500 questions


Start Practicing Questions Now

What is NPQ – Nursing Practice Questions?

Great question. . . . really it’s the world’s largest database of NCLEX questions . . .

You get a 3 day trial with NPQ

Here are some of the features that make this collection of 3,500 questions unique.

  • All questions written by NCSBN trained NCLEX question writers
  • Alternate formate questions
  • SATA questions
  • The largest database of NCLEX style practice questions online
  • Global ranking – see how you compare to other nursing students
  • Ability to focus on struggle areas
  • Vote questions up or down (if you like or hate them)
  • See how you stack up for each question
  • Provide feedback if you don’t like a question


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Start Practicing Questions Now

What Other Nursing Students are Saying

When we launched NPQ we knew it would be a great tool for nursing students.

What we didn’t expect was that we would have over 5,000 active users within the first week!  Here is probably my favorite email from on of the users:

nrsng review free questions

Or here is this one . . . NPQ is giving her the confidence to take and PASS the NCLEX!

confidence to take nclex

Then we have also heard a lot of thanks for the program. . .

nursing practice questiosn

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NPQ Video Tour

Here is a quick video showing you the insides of the program. . . how it works and how to get the most out of it.

How to Use NPQ – 3,500 Nursing Practice Questions

Listen . . . I can still remember the biggest fear I had going through nursing school . . . how do I compare, am I AS prepared as other students?

What we have done with this site is provide you with over NCLEX RN 3500 practice questions in a way that you will be able to study at any time, anywhere, and know how you stack up to students from all over the world.

How Many NCLEX Questions Should You Take Per Day

  • First Semester: 20 questions focused on what you are currently studying in school
  • Second Semester: 30 questions focused on what you are currently studying in school
  • Third Semester: 25-50 questions on a broad range of topics not just current study topics
  • Forth Semester: 25-50 questions on every topic
  • Post Graduation: 50-100 questions on every topic until test day

As you approach your actual test date I would up that to 50 and eventually do 150-200 questions per day.  The reason for this is that you need to get a feel for how they are written, what to expect, and how to answer them.  The best way to do this is to repeat, repeat, repeat . . .


Nursing Practice Questions provides NCLEX 3500 questions and is another tool created by to help you feel confident in passing the NCLEX.

Free review questions are a premium and that is the biggest advantage here . . . you get over 3,500 new questions that allow you to identify areas that you need to work on.

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Podcast Transcription

What’s going on guys? I want to show you guys a brand new resource that we just released here at The resource is If you go to, all one word, you’re going to find that we have created the world’s largest bank of nursing practice questions for free.


You have two options here. What you can do when you go there is you can register. You can either connect with a Facebook account or you can sign up with an email address. Once you do that, you’re going to be logged into the account. You can see here, “Good luck, start practicing.” What this is you guys is this is our bank of over 3,500 NCLEX style questions that you can use for completely free.


What you can do is you can click Start Practicing, and what that’s going to do is it’s going to give you a random selection of NCLEX questions. What you can also do here is you can select by the area you’re struggling with the most. For example, if you’re right now taking your OB/Peds class, you can take questions just on OB/Peds. You can take questions on Pharmacology. You can take questions on Prioritization/Delegation. At the current moment, we have 3,500 questions. This bank is continuing to grow, so this is going to be such a massive bank for you guys. You can also scroll down here and take questions by NCLEX category, Basic Care and Comfort, Management of Care, Psychosocial Integrity, all those things that the NCLEX is actually going to test you on.


What I want to tell you guys is we released this less than a week ago, and we’ve already got 5,000 people using this site, you guys. This is going to be the biggest resource of practice questions you’re going to see. There’s about 30% of 40% of these questions that are Select All That Apply questions, so you’re going to get a good mix of that and be able to really gauge how you’re doing on that.


What I want to show you is what I did there is I selected that I want to take questions on Prioritization/Delegation. I’ll click Start Practicing. What’s going to happen is it’s going to give me a question. This one is Select All That Apply. I’m going to select a couple of answers. Ideally I would read the question, and then it’s going to give you the correct answers and it’s going to give you the rationale. Each rationale, you guys, is like 3 or 4 sentences. It’s going to give you a lot of details, and this is where I want you to focus your time and energy is on the rationale, see why you missed it and what’s going on.


This next part is the coolest part. This is what I want to show you. You then have the option to vote the question up or down, kind of like hot or not for you people that are my age in your 30s maybe that remember MySpace. This is kind of like hot or not for NCLEX questions. You can say yes, the question was good, or no, the question wasn’t. If you don’t like it, what you’re going to be able to do is then let us know why, why do you think this is a bad question or why don’t you like it. Maybe you just hate the question because you got it wrong, whatever, you can let us know.


Then right here what you can see is how you stack up against other nursing students. I remember in nursing school what I really wanted to know was how am I doing compared to other students. Well, now you can know that. Like I said, in just one week we’ve already got over 5,000 people using this site,, so you’re going to get a really good sense of where you stand. 75% of people are getting this one right.


There are a couple of other things that I want to show you. If you go back to the main page here, let’s click on Respiratory questions. What you’re going to see is you’re going to see how difficult the question is, so how are people doing with this question, and this is going to tell you am I getting questions right that more people aren’t getting right, maybe I’m doing really well. You’re also going to see what the feedback is, what are people telling us about the question. 3 people voted this one down, so maybe this is a really hard question or maybe it was a poorly written question. We can look at that.


What I want you to do is I want you to head over there. You can share this, you guys. I want this site to go viral, right? I want this to be the biggest resource out there, and I know how it works in nursing school. Once you find a good tool, you want to share it with all your buddies, so do me a favor and share that with your buddies. If you don’t have a Facebook account, why don’t you just copy the web address and just send it in an email.


That’s really this resource. It’s over 3,500 practice questions. You can see what the hardest questions are, what categories they’re in, take exams specifically by the categories that you’re struggling with. It’s such a huge resource, you guys, and I know we’ve really kept this kind of on the down low. I know that you guys that follow us at NRSNG quite a bit know that I haven’t really talked about this, but that’s because we’ve really kind of kept it quiet because we wanted to launch it and really get your feedback, see how you like it, see how it’s helping you, so that is Head over there and get practicing.


Over 360,000 Nursing Students Use