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QOD 6: Spica Cast on a Patient with Hip Dislocation (Muskuloskeletal/Basic Care and Comfort)


A nurse is working with a family whose child was born with developmental dislocation of the hip. The physician has applied a spica cast to the child. Which statement from the nurse best describes this type of cast to the child’s family?


D.  “This cast will keep the hip joints in the correct position so they can heal.”


A spica cast is a plaster cast applied to the hips and legs of a child born with developmental dislocation of the hip-a condition in which a baby is born with one or both hip joints dislocated. The cast places the hip joints into their sockets and keeps them in place for a period of time while they heal. The parents should be taught that the cast is in place for the specified period of time and it is not removed for elimination; some children are delayed in walking after the cast is removed, but they usually catch up to their peers.

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