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QOD 70: Pain Control After Surgery (Ethical/Legal/Basic Care and Comfort)


A nurse is caring for a patient who is recovering from surgery and is in pain at the incision site. The nurse has administered some medications to help control the patients pain, but she holds off from administering more because she does not want the patients respiratory rate to drop. Which is another example of a reason why some nurses fail to utilize appropriate pain management techniques when caring for a patient in pain?


B.  The nurse is afraid the patient may become addicted to the medicine


Some nurses, while having access to prn medications for helping patients, avoid giving medications, even when they are needed. In the example of a patient in pain, a nurse may avoid giving more pain medications because of misconceptions, such as a fear of the patient becoming addicted. The nurse must remain informed about the consequences and the positive outcomes of giving medications so that she can perform her job appropriately.

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