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QOD 89: Complications of Gestational Diabetes (Endocrine/Metabolic/Health Promotion and Maintenance)

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A pregnant client is in labor to deliver her baby. The mother is 39 weeks’ gestation and has had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The mother has missed many prenatal appointments and admits that she has not checked her blood glucose levels or controlled her diet well, despite her diagnosis. Which of the following are risks to the infant as a result of uncontrolled gestational diabetes? Select all that apply.


A.  Large body size

D.  Low blood glucose after birth

E.  An increased risk of obesity later in life


Uncontrolled gestational diabetes can cause many complications for both the pregnant mother and the unborn child. Gestational diabetes results in an increase risk of infant macrosomia, or large body size. The infant may also have hypoglycemia after birth when he is no longer connected to the mother’s blood supply. Finally, infants born to mothers with gestational diabetes are at greater risk of developing obesity later in life.

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