Stop Over Studying in Nursing School and for the NCLEX

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Today I want to discuss how many practice questions are enough questions

for the NCLEX, and does the Pearson trick work?

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Podcast Transcription

Today. I want to discuss how many practice questions is enough questions for the NCLEX and does the Pearson trick work. So let’s talk about these a little bit today. First of all, my name is Jon Haws RN. I’m the founder of successfully passed nursing school, passed the NCLEX and been a nurse since 2013. I think it is, worked in the neuro ICU, precepted nurses and nursing students. And now with, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of nursing students with our website being visited 39 million times in just the last year. So I’ve had some experience talking to nursing students and seeing what works and seeing what doesn’t work.
Listen guys, one of the things that a lot of us nurses and nursing students like to do is we like to prepare a lot of us for type A personalities. A lot of us are very organized. A lot of us like to be filled prepared, and if nothing else, feel, a bit over prepared. So it becomes very easy for us to look for more and more and more and more and more and more study tools and resources, to help us quote unquote, as we’re going through nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX. But I want to caution you on that a bit. It is incredibly possible to get too many resources and to then end up splitting your time too much, trying to study from all these resources and it can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to buy all these things.
Well, what we attempted to create for you with is a one stop shop for everything you need. It can replace your textbooks, it can replace your apps, it can replace your notes, and it can replace any other question, app or tool that you have the temptation to buy. With you have lessons and videos on nearly every topic that you’re going to study to get into nursing school and nursing school from biochemistry, chemistry, med surge, pharmacology, even nursing skills and head to toe assessments. You also have over 6,000 questions written by NCSBN trained question writers, which allow you to dial in exactly the types of questions you want to study. If you want to do all select all that apply. If you want to do more difficult or less difficult questions, if you want to do questions in one of 21 different categories, if you want to take just the ones you missed, just the ones you got right, or ones you haven’t taken yet, it’s possible to do all that inside our question bank on And we call that question bank NPQ or nursing practice questions we’ve even built in a truly computer adaptive NCLEX simulator. We don’t just give you a hundred questions and say, here’s your chances of passing. We actually give you a computer adaptive test that adapts to you as you take the exam. And that has a patent pending algorithm tied to it that closely mirrors, the experience that you’re going to have when you go in and take the NCLEX.
Now, imagine a life where you don’t have to dig through four books, six powerpoints, three apps, just to understand heart failure. Imagine the ease and the comfort of just being able to go to watch one eight minute video, views some cheat sheets, view some picmonics, view some mnemonics, view some images and take a few questions and see how well you understand the concept. That is what is possible on And I want to tell you that it’s very, very, very possible to overload yourself with too much. It’s important to learn the information to the point of mastery, and then to enjoy your time with your family and your friends. I fell into this dream my first semester of nursing school. I remember,, I did get the rolling backpack and I threw book upon book upon book, into my backpack to try to study. I said, well, I want to see what this book says though. And I want to see what that book says though.
And I’m gonna look at my teacher’s PowerPoints. I’m gonna make my own notes. This can be too much. We’ve built in the ability on the Academy to condense all that. And so I want to just give you that caution, especially as you get towards NCLEX. So many people buy five or so different NCLEX prep products at 300 bucks a piece you just don’t need to do that. You really don’t need to do that for far less money. For far less time, you can get better, more condensed prep with and that’s what I’d invite you to do. And even if you don’t use, that won’t hurt my feelings too much, but don’t over purchase. Save your money. Okay? You can do this without 10 different prep products and 10 different prep, books and prep programs. So I’d invite you to, to consider that as you move forward.
Now, a question we’re getting a lot lately is does the Pearson view trick work. And here’s how I want to say, according to Pearson view, and according to the NCSBN, the trick does not work and it is not something now. Okay. What is the Pearson few trick? Well, what people do is after they take the NCLEX, they go back to the Pearson view website, where they registered for the NCLEX and they try to register for another exam. And if it doesn’t let you register for the exam, that’s supposed, supposed to be indication that you passed the exam because they’re not going to let you sign up again. If it lets you set up for the exam, it’s supposed to be an indication that you might have failed. So officially from in NCSBN and in Pearson view, that trick is not real. It doesn’t work. It’s not going to be an indication of pass or fell of the exam.
Now, unofficially, we’ve seen far more people say that when they’re limited from being able to sign up for the exam, that that has been indication that they passed. So everything else is just, you know, conjecture and stuff like that. You know, what they officially say is it doesn’t work. But many, many, many, many people have used it and seen that the blocking from being able to sign up for the exam again has been an indication that they actually did pass. So I’m not going to tell you either way, I’m going to tell you what they say officially. I’m gonna tell you what we’ve seen, from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people, but you guys, we can help you. We want to help if you pass a nursing school that’s, uh, and the in clicks, you know, that’s what we’re in this for.
Our mission is to end the nursing shortage and we want to see you find success. We need more nurses and we care so much about you guys. I know a lot of, you know, my story, um, but it wasn’t easy coming up through nursing school. And I want to make that journey easier for more people. It can be scary. It can be terrifying. It can be overwhelming. And you’re going to probably feel like giving up, but I want to encourage you not to give up and to continue this path to becoming a nurse, you can do this. All right, we’ve got an army of nurses behind you, tens of thousands of nursing students using every single day, who can tell you that you can do this and you will pass. We can help. We want to remove as much of that stress and that overwhelm as possible and get you to RN. We love you guys now go out and be your best self today. Happy nursing.

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