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ekg placement cheatsheet

5 Lead EKG Placement

How would you respond if your preceptor told you to place the EKG leads? This guide can help.

nursing cheatsheet o2 delivery

Hierarchy of O2 Delivery

Give the perfect nursing report every single time. We’ll show you what to share, and what to ignore.

Hemodynamic Values

Do you know all of the standard Hemodynamics Values? This cheatsheet makes it easy to remember.

electrolyte abnormalities cheatsheet

Electrolyte Abnormalities

Fluids and electrolytes can be tough.  This cheatsheet will help you keep them straight.

nursing head to toe assessment cheatsheet

Nursing Head to Toe Assessment

This cheatsheet will help you learn how to complete a head to toe nursing assessment with ease.

nursing pharmacology cheatsheet

IV Solutions

A quick nursing pharmacology cheat sheet of the most common IV solutions you’ll come across in a hospital.

nursing lab value cheatsheet

63 Must Know Labs

Here are the labs that you must know when working on the hospital floor.

test taking tips cheatsheet

11 Test Taking Tips

Learn how to master the nursing school exams with these 11 test taking strategies for nursing students.

nursing report sheet template cheatsheet

Nursing Brainsheets

33 nursing report/brainsheet templates for nurses.

Clear. Concise. Visual.

Nursing School & NCLEX Supplement

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Cheatsheets are a great way to take the “MUST KNOW” information and condense it down into a nice visual card you can carry with you to the clinical floor.  We like to provide you these reference cards. 


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