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NCLEX® question confidence includes 6,000+ NCLEX® practice questions written by NCSBN trained question writers.

Each question includes an in depth rationale with references to help you understand the correct answer and why each wrong answer is incorrect.

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Gain immediate access to hundreds of full color nursing cheatsheets, 3D anatomy models, nursing care plans, mnemonics, and more. is catered to how YOU learn best. No more suffering through boring PowerPoints.

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Support, confidence, and community is "The most supportive nursing cohort on the planet". The Family is made up of our team of 20+ nurse educators who hold DNP, MSN, BSN, and YOU.

Imagine learning about DIC from an OB nurse who just cared for a DIC patient the night before! With NRSNG, you have access to the world's best nurse educators and an army of nursing students who want you to succeed.

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