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The Pharmacology Course is a one-stop-shop for all things medication related! We’ll talk you through how to be successful in pharmacology and how to be safe when administering meds. We break down the most common and most important medication classes into easy-to-understand sections. We even walk you through how to conquer the often intimidating med math and drug calculations! When you finish this course you’ll be able to confidently and safely administer medications to your patients!

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Lessons: 257

Cheatsheets: 106

Questions: 332


Jon Haws, BS, BSN, RN, Alumnus CCRN

Tarang Patel DNP-NA, RN, CCRN, RPh

Nichole Weaver MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

Miriam Wahrman MSN/Ed, RNC-MNN

Kara Tarr BSN, RN

Nacole Riccaboni, MSN, AGACNP-BC, FNP-BC, CCRN, CMC

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