00.01 Diagnostic Testing Course Introduction

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Utilizing Diagnostic Testing can help us narrow down our patients’ diagnoses and prognoses. As a nurse, it is imperative that you understand the purpose of the test, as well as the nursing considerations for each of these tests. How do you prepare a patient for this test? What is your role during the test? What should you be looking for afterwards? All of these will help improve the care you give for your patients undergoing these tests.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following for each Diagnostic Test discussed:

  1. Discuss the indications and purpose for the test.
  2. Discuss important nursing considerations for preparing the patient for the test.
  3. Discuss important nursing considerations for caring for the patient during the test.
  4. Discuss important nursing considerations for caring for a patient after they undergo the test.


Hey guys! Welcome to the introduction to the diagnostic testing course. Diagnostic testing ordered by the physician helps to diagnose the patient and determine the prognoses. 

It’s super important that you understand what the diagnostic tests are that the doctor may order so that you may understand why it is ordered for your patient and what to do.  As the nurse, you have the role of preparing the patient for the test. I will help you to understand preparation and the nursing considerations for during the test, along with what to do after the test is over. 

The priority nursing concepts to consider with diagnostic testing are safety, comfort, and patient-centered care. 

See you in the diagnostic lessons! Now go out and be your best self today, and as always, happy nursing!