00.01 First Year in Nursing Course Introduction

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Hey you guys, welcome to First Year in Nursing Course introduction! I just wanted to take a few seconds to tell you why we've created this course and what you can expect from it. We made this course for you because we know that transitioning from nursing school to actually working as a nurse can be tough. We've all been there- In addition to keeping your patient's safe there's also a lot of paperwork and training and just so much stuff to keep up with. The lessons in this course are going to give you real, practical advice that will help you navigate this first year. So- we'll talk about stress management, give you tips for how to best communicate to other people in the hospital, and even go through some basics for how to maintain your license and keep your knowledge up to date. These lessons and tips come from years, even decades of experience between all of us nurses here at NRSNG. So much happens in that first year and you will definitely have some tough days- but we are here to tell you that you can do it! With that right tools and some planning you can minimize the stress and just really start to learn to love your work ASAP.
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