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00.01 Intro to Psychology Course Introduction

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Hi everyone, my name is Ashley Nederveld and I’ve created the psychology course content. I wanted to introduce myself since you’ll be hearing me through the psychology course.

I’ve worked in the human service profession for over a decade and have always had a heart for people. I completed my undergrad with a focus on psychology and human services before getting my masters in counseling psychology. I’ve worked in a variety of settings ranging from secure facilities and detention centers to community outreach and outpatient offices. My passion is helping and empowering others through awareness and insight. I love helping others discover things about themselves and to show others how awesome psychology is. I currently own a private practice and teach at a local community college. I love what I get to do. I walk along side my clients through their struggles. I have the opportunity to see people change their lives. Every aspect of everyone’s life is impacted or connected to psychology in some way. I am honored to be your course creator for these lessons. I hope you learn and take these ideas forward with you while interacting with patients and their families.

This course is full of topics! It will give you a broad understanding of some of the popular topics for psychology. This course includes topics on behavior, the brain, memory, sensory, theorists, intelligence, states of consciousness, and the relationship of stress on health.