00.01 Language Arts Course Introduction

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Hello and welcome to this course on the basics of language arts. My name is Christine brink, and I'll be your instructional guide as we tore through some basic English language arts or ELA concepts in this series. So having a foundational understanding of ELA is essential to being successful as a student, as a current professional, as someone who wants to get something published. So understanding ways to be successful and utilizing language arts inappropriate way is key. So in this unit we will review ways to identify key details. As you're reading, we're going to look at ways to better comprehend that which we're reading. We're gonna dissect parts of speech and look at ways to really understand vocabulary. We're gonna look at sentence structure, the proper use of punctuation, and discuss ways to avoid common mistakes in writing and powerful ideas for writing effective essays. So join me in these ELA lessons and as always, go out and be your best self today and happy nursing.

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